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window of hope
thursday, january 6, 2011

a little window of hope opened today, and i'm almost hesitant to share it because, really, how often have windows worked for us recently? but i AM excited about it, even though i don't want to be excited about it because i'm seriously tired of being disappointed. maybe not the best way to approach things, but anyone reading this journal longer than a minute understands why, i'm sure.

but here we go....

saxy had a job interview at red lobster today. they apparently just lost someone and are, of course, now looking to fill a spot. the timing is spot on since st. regis hasn't let saxy go but also hasn't really been calling him in to work either.

here's the thing: he's still in school, and still being in school means his schedule isn't wide open. plus not having transportation means even if he is available, he has to start late because of classes. and this is part of the reason we think st. regis hasn't offered him anything. they've hired people since he started the on call position there, but everyone they've hired has either just graduated or been out of culinary school for some time. but if he can't find something soon, he might not be able to find anything until after graduation because the concern becomes him leaving after graduation for a more creatively challenging position.

so, yea, really hoping he'll get this spot. it'll give him some restaurant experience (versus the banquet experience st. regis has given him, and that has helped him determine that banquet is not what he's particularly interested in), which he really needs. and, or course, it'll bring in some income. not enough to make up for it when the girls move out, but it might keep us from completely going under.

saxy says he thinks the interview went well, but he'll probably need to go in for another interview. they'll probably let him know next week.

so right now, that window is open maybe a crack, but even a tiny opening is better than none. cross your fingers or pray or keep us in your thoughts or whatever it is you do to send good vibes and hope someone's way. we'd like this window to open wide and let him through.


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