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first day normal
tuesday, january 6, 2009

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didn't write yesterday, and i could attempt to catch up for holidailies, but i think i'm just going to leave it alone. at least i'm posting on the last day. and, really, i did pretty good for the most part, even catching up when i fell behind during december. so missing one day, no big deal.

yesterday was long and exhausting and most definitely not normal. the phone calls to the landlord (leak was back and worse, actually) and the trash company were the easiest on the to do list for the day. the rest was practically pure running around. and it didn't help that it was the first 5:30 a.m. day for me and the kids in two weeks. well, almost. alarm woke me up, but i turned it off and fell back to sleep. if saxy hadn't woken me up and asked if something was wrong with the alarm, then driving the kids to school probably would have gotten added to the list.

at 10, kitten and i started getting ready for the rest of our day, and separated and loaded the laundry in the car. once we were in the car, it was constant something: grocery store for laundry soap, laundromat to load everything in washers, bank so kitten could open a bank account, back to laundromat to load everything in dryers, home to drop off a friend, out to lunch, rush home to be there for the kids, putting away christmas stuff, discovering the tree box was completely ruined by water, walmart to try to find a box for the tree, and back home to finish the christmas stuff (middle section of tree didn't fit the biggest box we could find, so it got placed in extra large trash bags). really, it was exhausting. by the evening, it was all i could do to move.

today should start the first real day of normal for us. kitten goes to work around 10:30, i come home and spend the rest of the day working and watching the baby. pick kitten up around 2 or 3. she's mentioned wanting to go to the post office when i pick her up, but i think i'm going to try to get her to wait until next monday. one day of running around was more than enough.

the only other bump to totally normal (and blessedly quiet) will be baby cat. she's been off schedule for two weeks and it shows. crankier than usual, more insistent on her way than usual (i think she got a little spoiled over the holidays ;)), definitely not on her regular schedule (especially this past week when she wasn't even home; and i know kitten and fitts were pretty much out and about most of the time). hopefully getting back into the schedule we had before the holiday madness won't be too hard for her. rocked her for her nap yesterday and she practically passed out despite the fact that i was talking to her mother at the time. this, i think, is a good sign. she was ready for the routine to kick in. we'll see if that's a consistent thing this week.

getting back into the normal routine of things will also help with things like after school chores and whatnot, which have become something sporadic. yesterday the usual things were interrupted by christmas packing and laundry.

so yesterday school may have started, but today is the first day things should fall into their normal routine. the only bump should be the plumber coming back to do what he should have done in the first place, but that shouldn't be much of a interruption in the day. baby cat usually watches her disney and i work. so it should still fall within a normal day for us. i love the holidays, but the last two weeks have seemed overly long to me, so i'm glad to be going back to the quiet routine baby cat and i established before christmas.

yea, like you didn't know i've been looking forward to normal for almost a week now. :P


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