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saturday, january 6, 2007

i'm done with the long term that's been making me crazy. and most of the little monsters couldn't behave even for just the last day. they were pretty good the day we got back, but most of them seemed kinda out of it -- half asleep. by friday, they were definitely awake and up to their old tricks. their teacher came in to see what we had been doing and what they were up to and all that and even she had to yell at them. i was amazed.

but it's over now. thank. god. i had a few kids who gave me hugs and good-byes (although they will see me again -- another teacher on the team has already asked me to cover for a day when she goes to the doctor, and i will more than likely be asked to cover for her when she goes on maternity leave). i'm just glad to be out of there on a daily bases. i think i can handle the occasional one shot, but this group is the first to ever make me want to quit. it got a lot better when the new assistant principal for their grade level finally came in,
a lot better, but we still have kids who just didn't give a damn and made it miserable for everyone -- me as well as the other kids who actually wanted to learn and cared about their grades (and, yes, there were a few). the plan now is to take most of next week off -- monday is my recoup and call schools day, thursday saxy has to be somewhere very early, and friday we have doctor appointments. i'll work tuesday only if the caller sounds like they're sick or dying. ;) i've already taken bookings for the school i just finished at -- 8 days gone between now and the beginning of february. seems i always get descended upon when people realize i'm about to be free. lol

i plan to use my time off to write, for the most part. i'll be home without children or husband around for at least 3 days, so i should get a good amount of work done. this weekend, i have to catch up on the word count, but tonight we're also taking the tree down. we always take the tree down on january 6 -- twelfth night. i'm not even sure why other than it seems to mark the official end of the season. it also keeps us from having the decorations up well into february or march or something. there's a time to let the holidays go.

this year, the tree almost didn't make it this long. the new kitten, logan, has been just crazy. he's determined not to learn from the water sprayer. and he's clever! since we started to use the water on him to try to get him to leave the tree alone, he's taken to dashing by and bapping it and diving under the couch. we've had a number of ornaments go flying across the room as a result. we're really lucky nothing has been broken. we do put the glass up high, but he's climbed the thing a few times as well, so that doesn't necessarily make them safe. worse, he's teaching the other cats bad habits. vagner has long since learned to leave the tree alone, till logan taught him otherwise.

with the holidays over and the class finally done, it'll be nice to settle back into a less frenetic routine again. saxy and i are determined to make this a better year. having everything settle down a bit is a good start.

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