better wake up
tuesday, january 9, 2007

today and yesterday really could have started off better. the frenetic, "oh crap! you're going to be late!" thing just doesn't work well for me.

as i've mentioned before, i'm pretty much a night owl. given half the chance, and when i don't need to work, i will naturally change my schedule to a more comfortable night time one. it takes a bit longer to do so when i've worked long term, and there's been a tendency towards earlier nights even when left to my own devices (old age settling in, i suspect), but it always happens. as for waking up, anything before 10, even for work, is tough for me. i can do it, i just don't like it.

so, i don't wake up well in the early morning, no matter how it's done. my natural rhythms aren't conducive to morning energy, creativity, or motivation. (i love the jobs where i don't have a homeroom or first class -- they give me a little more time to figure out what day it is before i face a room full of kids.) but i'm a mom and i happen to be home this week, so it's my job to get the kiddos off to their buses on time. for some reason, i assumed that the work schedule would maintain itself and i would get up in time to get them off with no sweat.


so, as of today, i have a new alarm on my cell phone designed to wake me up during the week when i'm here and need to get the kids off to school. while the difference between 7:30 and 7:45 doesn't have much of an effect on how awake i am, it makes a huge difference in how smoothly the morning goes.

and a smoother morning just works better overall. i may spend the morning taking it easy, but i'm in a better mood, wake up quicker, and much more inclined to go DO something. these frenetic mornings have had me more dazed than awake, and that feeling sorta hangs out for the rest of the day and dampens any energy i might have been blessed wit for the day. i end up more tired and out of it than if i just woke up at 6:30 to an alarm like i do when i work.

which is not to say i'm not getting anything done. just not getting as much done as i would like. and feeling far too out of it. i admit to a lazy streak that tries to avoid exercise and housework, but there's a point where i can go too far in that direction, even for me. i still need to occupy myself, so to speak -- i'm not a sleeper, i just prefer less physical pursuits.

all but 2 of my schools are called and have been updated on both my status and phone number. of the two not called, i missed who i needed to talk to yesterday, so i'll get to her later. i had the wrong number for the other -- which means i better look that up. in the process of calling, i found out that there may be a language arts teaching position opening up at taz's old school, so i'm making plans to drop my newly updated resumé on thursday -- which is when saxy has to take the day off for something im the morning. i only called the middle schools, however. there's a few high schools i'd work for, but, honestly, being up at 5 kills me. if those few high schools need me, they know where to call. besides, middle school is my target for that ft, permanent position i'm aiming for. and it looks like i won't need the high schools anyway -- i'm already completely booked from january 23 to february 2nd, plus a smattering of other january, february, and even march dates. (why these schools can't get a clue and hire me is beyond me -- their teachers certainly like having me in the classroom!) i've also called and taken care of my medical update, taken care of a couple of loads of laundry, and a couple of other small things. i may not have gotten done what i had in mind to get done, but at least i've gotten something done.

as for the rest of the week, i'm not working after all. i could have worked today, but saxy was already off to work himself by the time the call came in. (honestly, we're probably going to go back to our rule about me being called in the night before or me not working so saxy can get some hours in on occasion.) i was planning to work tomorrow, but i'm staying home instead -- trin is supposed to be off to iraq VERY soon and the last date they heard was the 10th. so i'm staying here in case she needs to call and talk to me and cry on my shoulder. the poor baby.

hopefully i'll get more done here at home over the remainder of the week. waking up better should help. going with the flow and not pushing myself to do anything before 10 or 11 should also help.

i just can't fight those natural rhythms, and i should know better than to try by now.

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