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tuesday, january 9, 2001

okay fellas, listen up!

do not be surprised or offended if we women do not respond when you honk, honk and wave, whistle, call out, or otherwise generally act like a fool when you see one of us walking down the sidewalk or waiting at the bus stop. the lady walking down the street more than likely enjoys walking, and the lady waiting for the bus has already made arrangements. the smart women will not respond to your obvious bid for attention, not to be rude, but to be safe (and if you ladies aren't so sure about that, read these statistics). now you may be a perfect gentleman just offering a pretty lady a ride to where ever she happens to be going. but there are enough psychos out there for us to not be sure you aren't one. and no, waving after you honk, turning around to drive by again, or even driving up to us will not convince us that you are a swell guy. do yourself, and us, a favor, and appreciate a little more silently and without trying to draw attention to yourself. we don't have to be rude and you don't have to feel slighted or have your ego bruised, which is a better deal for all involved.

yes, as i waited at the bus stop, someone chose to honk at me. then waved when i looked. and chose to wave yet again when i did not immediately respond. i was not impressed and more than a bit surprised. i am not overly attractive and a rather large woman. what was this guy doing honking his horn at ME? i used to get honked at, whistled at, the whole nine yards, when i was MUCH younger and under half my current weigh in. so i always get really confused when it happens now. but then to WAVE at me and act like i should respond? what nice, safe planet did this guy come from? fortunately he left it at that and i got on the bus to go to my only tuesday-thursday class (which though short looks to be very interesting)!, got my paperwork turned in and had a wonderful lunch with a friend. this gal does not wish to even remotely chance being a statistic any time soon.

other than all that, i am tired. i need to get used to this insane schedule, if a night owl can EVER get used to a lark schedule. and i need to stop napping when i get home, although i still go to bed at a reasonable hour at night . . . so far.

so now, off to struggle through the cd-rom and textbook for that class that will kill me for another hour. i'll try to be more eloquent another time. hopefully before i get used to this lark schedule since that one may take a very long while.

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