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wednesday, january 10, 2001

once again it is that time of the month. i know, i know, tmi (too much information for those not into the net abbreviations). however i bring it up because i am concerned, and getting more so. i usually have a set group of symptoms that appear the week before that did not show this time. no big, school could have created enough stress (and more than likely did) to make things different this time around. so no big, even if it came as a total shock. for those ladies who are so regular that they are like clockwork, let these number sink in a bit: 29 - 39 days. no schedule here!

what is concerning me is that i am heavy, i mean changing the super plus every 2 hours heavy. and its been getting worse. i am exhausted. i slept for 6 hours this morning, then i slept for most of the day . . . and i still want to sleep! i know some of that is the anemia kicking in. lose blood, lose iron; lose iron, get tired. but this time its more tired than usual. i usually have one night where i am literally up all night, then i sleep for my prescribed 4 - 6 hours, but after that i am fine. not this time. the up all night night came one day early, and all i want to do is sleep. this cannot be good.

not that i really can do anything about it right now. between school and no insurance, this is worse than bad timing. but i think i will look into having it taken care of this summer. i am tired of dealing with it. i can't have kids anyway, so why keep up on the mess? it's not like i NEED a monthly any more or anything. in fact, with the anemia, i probably would be better off without one. and i have more than enough other physical problems without this one looming its ugly head all the time. so i figure looking into my options when i can would be better for me over all, but the earliest anything could be done about it is summer.

at least then i have a time to look forward to not being so drained every month.

and i could get my assigned reading done without this sleep thing getting in the way. off to read my communications chapter. and struggle through the second half of the reading for my myth and metaphor class. and read chapter in my language acquisition class. so maybe i won't get it all done tonight. could have gotten it all done today if i hadn't slept!

some days i hate being a woman.

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