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tuesday, january 6, 2004

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that bump you felt when the site went down was a server upgrade. rayna's server has been a wonderful place. it's been fairly stable, and she's given me every bit of help i've asked for and then some. she's quick to check, quick to fix. and she goes the extra mile. i definitely plan to stay with her as long as i can.

too bad other things aren't so stable.

recently there were changes in the hud office, including the moving of our account out of the city we're in to another city. this other city was actually a significant drive and a bus trip would be, more than likely, an all day thing. fortunately, linnorm goes by that office on his way to work, so rent could be easily paid, papers were easily dropped off, and so on. me going in for my recertification and getting both saxy and i to sign the yearly rental agreement would be a real trial. then there's maintenance, already slower than molasses in winter. we definitely had a concern that they would become nonexistent if we had to call an office 2 cities away to get a work order in.

and wouldn't you know it, a maintenance issue has come up. early this fall, they came in and installed new heaters, complete with new wiring. apparently it was another spit and duct tape job, because the upstairs heater wouldn't work for awhile, then it finally kicked in and the downstairs heater went out (on the same day even). nothing would get the downstairs heater to work. our maintenance has a rule: if it is related to gas appliance, call the gas company first. so we did and they said it was a wiring problem, which bounces it back into the lap of maintenance.

so i called our new office (which, by the way, i only found out about when i called our old office) and was told that we are no longer with the old office. apparently as of january 1, responsibility for our complex moved back to our local hud office. and again we weren't told about it.

that's a government agency for you: no notification before or after the change. confusion is always best.

other than being back to a location where everything is easier, there is good news: at least the rent doesn't bounce just because it's in the wrong office.

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