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whoosh, quack, quack
sunday january 6, 2002

whoosh! hear that sound? that's the sound of money being vacuumed out of my checking account.

yes, my check finally made it...snail mail. i have long since been signed up for automatic deposit, but they sent it snail mail. so, when i called yesterday morning and my money wasn't in, i went to bed rather depressed and frustrated. when i woke up and opened the one piece of mail from campus, it was the check and i was less depressed but just as frustrated.

today we spent said check. saxy swears he'll put it in the bank first thing in the a.m. i would have waited until it was actually in the account, but this is the first week of classes and i really am not much interested in doing much else this week. actually, i really
wanted t have all this done yesterday, which i could have had if my check had been electronically deposited as it should have been, regardless, they screwed up, there's no point in fixing it as next quarter is my last there for at least 2 years, and today we went shopping.

big shopping.

the two major purchases were saxy's belated christmas present, a dvd player, and a cell phone for me. saxy was considering a ps 2, but we ran into 3 major problems:

1. the idiot store that had a sale starting today had only TWELVE ps 2s on hand this a.m. and had run out by the time we got there. (what store is stupid enough to have only a dozen of a sale item, particularly when that sale item usually can't stay on the shelves when it's NOT on sale? i would either a) not offer it for sale, or b) make sure i had lots to sell when i offered it at a lower price!),

2. even though ps 2 is also a "dvd player", not all dvds will play on it, and

3. it would have still been (on sale) $270 more than the dvd player.

he seems quite content with his new toy and has enough dvds to keep him busy at least for a bit, thank goodness. in a sense the cell phone was also for him even though it is for me. last quarter we had a rape on campus. this quarter my classes are at night. now, it doesn't matter to him that all my classes are letting out in the brightest lit building on campus, in the front of the school where a lot of people will be, and that my bus will be picking me up in a well lighted area in the front of the school where people are all the time. he wants me on the cell phone talking to him from the moment i get out class until i am ready to turn the handle and walk in the door. so, i now have a cell phone that seems to me to be a $300 waste. *shrug* men. as long as it keeps him from worrying about me so much, i suppose it's worth the cost, but i would much rather have put that money in the pot for his $800 disability testing.

we also got a few "necessities": hair cuts, school supplies, and i wrote the checks to pay for my mfa apps. and a few not so necessities: myst 3: exile for me, a couple of gaming books, "math advantage: 10 subjects" math software (from pre-algebra to ap stats folks, perfect for both my math hater and my math lover and pretty reasonably priced, in my view, at $40 for 9 disks and hopefully better grades for phoenixcat), and dvds for him (what's the point of a dvd player without the dvds to watch on it?). and tomorrow, or rather, later this morning (after i've slept) i'll pay bills.

and, of course, without kids we made a day of it and had brunch together at this restaurant that is decorated with 50's style stuff, including 35s (remember them?) and the old, glass soda bottles (anyone remember tab?). saxy loved it. and also discovered what i meant by "they serve a lot of food." i think it's about the only time he's left food on his plate! and he ha to point out that he waddled from restaurant to the next bus stop. lol gotta love my man!

all in all, a very busy day. very busy. i came home just about ready to collapse and with almost every muscle in my body aching. there's only one thing i can say now...


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