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sunday, january 6, 2019

i've been using a stability ball with my weight lifting workouts for ages and never had a problem...until today.

things have been going pretty good. caught up on the last few things i needed to get done (well, except one, and i need access to the site on its new server to do that and am waiting for that access), been on track (mostly) with my writing, been tackling my daily to do lists pretty well, you know, generally having that really good first week. saturday was my third day of exercise for the week, and i was considering doing an extra workout today.

then for the first time ever, the stability ball got away from me. i was setting up for a side crunch, thought i had everything stable, and the ball slid out from under me, dumping me on the floor.

it's seriously a good thing that i was on the extra thick yoga mat because my living room floor has absolutely no padding. nothing broken (as far as i can tell), but i was sore from the get-go (and it increased through the rest of the day). i stopped the workout, did a very small amount of stretching (ready to bail if there was some serious pain; also testing to see if i was looking at muscle or bone hurt—it felt like muscle pain), then ate and showered, making sure to have the warm water hit the sore area. no workout today, and tomorrow is my usual break day. hopefully i'll be back up to it tuesday.

in the meantime...ow. back and side from just below my underarm down to the waist on the side i didn't land on is sore (my right side). my left forearm is also sore, probably from my trying to catch myself with that hand/arm. hips and legs appear to be fine. i had planned to take it easy the rest of the day but had to go to the grocery store.

did end up in bed early and do plan to take it easy today. i am still planning my facebook live, but the rest? i don't know. good thing is most of it isn't active stuff (except dishes, and i probably can't skip them), so i can probably lounge in bed most of the day if i want. i'm just not good at that rest thing, even when i need to. i mean, really, i can't rest even when sick unless it's a knock you out kind of sick. i'll try though. maybe just stay in bed a bit longer than usual rather than stumbling out of it in the first half hour, give or take.

i'm still using the ball as a chair. and i do plan to use it again in my workouts—i can't let this tumble make me scared of it. it really is a good addition to my workouts and makes the exercises work more than the muscle group they target. i just need to be more careful about making sure it's firmly in the right position before putting my full weight on it, especially for those side moves. really glad i wasn't already up on it with my dumbbells in hand. that would have been a mess, and i suspect i would be looking at possible worse problems, maybe even a serious injury.

this one is more than enough. ow.


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and still visible; something that has many obvious stages or levels of meaning, development, or history

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