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money issues
thursday january 3, 2002

money must be the most disagreeable thing on the planet. budgets are useless, you always spend more than what you've budgeted. dates for receiving money are pointless, the money always arrives late.
and making money is never, ever easy (and usually requires that you have money already...figure that one out).

i hate money.

worse, i hate campus bookstores.

campus bookstores are plain downright evil. it's bad enough that an unexpected textbook (they lied on the bookstore's site, claiming i needed a book i already have when i actually needed another one) cost me $60, but all the extra stuff in the store should be illegal. textbooks, paper, pens. that's all they need to sell.

ok, so some textbooks might actually be tempting even if i don't need them, but...wallets? neat fact charts? of course, my oldest lucked out when they also carried drawing paper she needs for a project for school. overall, i went in expecting to spend about $30, $56 if you count the bus pass. i walked out having spent $177 (yes, including bus pass).

i hate money.

and government websites (fasfa's not even responding now).

and college bookstores.

it's a conspiracy, i tell you. really!

so, now i am going to go be grumpy and work on and hope and pray my money comes in when they say it's coming in.

bad enough that i'm going to have to spend a freaking fortune this weekend. if my money is late, i have to do it all next week, and i hate doing anything the first week of classes.

especially if it involves money and college bookstores.

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