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stupid, stupid, stupid domy
saturday january 5, 2002

i am an absolute idiot who really should learn to listen to her own advice. i know better. i really do. i only proved it with my recent entries here. government is never on time, expecially when it comes to money.

so why the hell did i tempt fate and write a check far bigger than my account can currently cover?

if you have any kind of clue, pass it on to me so i can avoid it next time. now i have to hope to god that this money shows up before the check i wrote shows up on monday or it's freaking bounce city!

yea, i'm an idiot. don't rub my nose in it.

i was just so hoping this check would
show up today. i don't want to be running around next week after classes start. i'd rather get everything taken care of this weekend. and now it looks like that won't happen.

if that were the only thing i suppose i would be cranky but not ready to kick myself in the butt so hard. i know better than to write checks on expected money from the government. especially loan moneys for spring quarter. it's like their job to be late. and saxy asks me about writing checks on money he's expecting in all the advice is always, 'don't.'

this just sucks.

i'm such an idiot.

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