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friday, january 3, 2003

it has been a very nice holiday. the weathermen threatened nasty storms (which equal nasty headaches for me) and they never came. saxy came down with something on thanksgiving and it pretty much left me alone for the holidays. everyone got presents and we all had a great christmas dinner. saxy and i didn't do much for our aniiversary (5 years, can you believe it?) but we hadn't been expecting to. so all in all it was a very nice break from the usual.

today i woke up and had very clear indication that the break is over: a sore throat and a headache.

yes, saxy's cold, which is still hanging on in the form of a hack-up-his-lungs kind of cough, has come to rest, as expected. i knew it would eventually. the fact that he's still hacking away means i'll have it for a good 2 months or so. ugh.

let's all hope it goes away real quick.

fortunately a weekend is coming up. usually there's next to nothing going on online or in any of the groups i'm involved in over the weekends. this means i can rest for a couple of days and not miss anything. of course, i'll be poking around anyway, i just can't seem to help myself. i have a lot of reading i'm working on, so that can keep me busy, along with a critique or two for my writing groups i'm in. i'd like to write, but i just don't do well when my head hurts. i can't seem to think straight. which is too bad, assassin's choice finally made the 25,000 word mark. i was really looking forward to working on it some more. instead i get to curl up with a book and a headache.

this would almost be good without the headache.

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