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thursday, january 2, 2003

i admit it: i like to keep busy. granted, i hate work and am lazy as all get out, but i like to keep busy anyway. i just can't not do anything. sleep might be the only exception (well, no, that's not true; i have a very vivid dream life). and when i am doing something i am usually doing other things as well. for example, when i play on the playstation, i read as well. when i'm writing or working on a web page, i am chatting with other people and checking mail. and this is also probably why i run so many webrings and have a tendency to have a half a dozen writing projects going on at once.

and for the next couple of months i have taken on seriously busy.

first, at dreaming, we're going to start a flash ezine to showcase some of the members' work. myself and two other editors will be screening the submissions. and i have to design the zine then set it up. we're hoping to have out first issue in february. i'll be choosing my coeditors probably this weekend. i was kind of hoping at least one of two specific people would apply for the fiction reading, but they have yet to do so.

my other piece of busyness will be really busy: i'm a panelist for this quarter's awards. i've actually been nominated a few times for best site design (according to friends), but i never made it to finalist. i joined the elist for notification of when things are going on at the awards and when ryan asked for volunteers, well, i volunteered. i'm a glutton for punishment, i tell ya'! but i think it will be fun, even if it is busy.

and, like i said, i like busy.

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