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tuesday, january 3, 2012

if there's one thing saxy and i don't get to do much, it's going out. and i mean going out anywhere. when we were in cali and he was working regularly, we went out to dinner once or twice a month. we've taken the kids to all but the last of the harry potter movies (which linnorm picked up for taz for christmas), but seen maybe a half dozen movies as a couple alone in the last decade. we did do that dinner with another couple at the end of last summer, but that's pretty much it. we occasionally have a bahn mi when we go grocery shopping together, but that's not a common even for us either. we just can't afford it.

last night, we got to go out for the price of gas. the catering company had a company wide (including the half dozen restaurants they own) holiday party. it's been a long time since i've gone to a group event. i mean a REALLY long time. and this event was supposed to have about 500 people attending. o.O

despite being around a lot of people i didn't know, getting overwhelmed with introductions (as social as i am, meeting a lot of new people is like having too many selections at the bookstore for me—extremely overwhelming. at some point, i start shutting down), and not really doing much, i had a lot of fun. the food was good. scary on the calories, but good. except the desserts. i was kinda disappointed there. but then, since i was disappointed, i didn't eat much either. lol the music was done by a dj and he did a nice mix of old and new, mostly faster songs, and the company gave out best employee of the year awards for each division/restaurant (saxy hasn't been there long enough to really qualify, i don't think). apparently there was some idea of doing a roaring 20's kind of thing, but only a few people got the memo. still, some of the flapper, mafia, and zoot suit outfits were nifty. (i have to admit, one of the reason i like dragon*con so much is for the costume watching.) we even did a little dancing before we left. not much, mind you, but a little. still have to be careful of the blood pressure. besides, i haven't worn heels in 4 years or so. yea, they came off pretty quickly on the dance floor! lol

we got home at about 11:30. not too late, though froggy was a bit freaked with her first time being responsible for her and taz at night. saxy crashed pretty quickly, while i got to work on the usual stuff i do at night.

it was a nice night. i had fun, anyway, and it was nice being out together. even in the crowded room, it still felt like it was just us most of the time. we did talk to a couple that sat with us at our table. the man worked in one of the restaurants saxy wouldn't mind working in, not that they talked shop much. and i was really surprised to see synchronized dancing hasn't gone out of style. the first dance that was done was very similar to the hustle. i about fell off my chair. lol

today was a little harder, probably because of partying. saxy has been in bed sick most of the day. no fever, so maybe he just can't handle the partying any more? lol to be fair, it was FREEZING when we left last night, and even colder here at the house. and where we sleep never gets warm in winter, especially at night. as for me, i slept until 2 PM despite getting to bed at least an hour earlier than usual. must have been tired. ;)


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