holiday recovery
thursday, december 27, 2007

no, i didn't post the last two days. christmas was just too hectic, and yesterday...yesterday i just needed recovery time. it's sad that i'm getting so old that the holidays wipe me out, but they do--especially with the amount of family we have around. hopefully that will get better as i work on getting healthy, but, for this year anyway, i just needed that down day. it was made all the better by linnorm, kitten, and trin taking the younger kids to chuck e. cheese for the day. the total quiet and not being responsable for anything did me good.

the holiday itself was good. people generally woke early (kitten and trin were the hardest to get out of bed, even at 10), linnorm--whose plane had landed 30-45 minutes early--picked up jewel, and we all had pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. the kids got some hot chocolate, most of the adults had coffee--i chose milk. with everyone present and fed, it was time to open gifts. i doubt my list will be complete, considering the amount that was actually under the tree, but i shall try here. honestly, i don't think the tree has ever been quite so full, which may be a side effect of having two of the children out of the house now. while living here, we had a limited budget, so not so many gifts from the kids to the other kids were under the tree. this year, two of them have their own jobs and managed to pick up something for everyone even if it were a small something. a few of the gifts surprised me.

baby cat received 3 party/holiday dresses (2 from us; and she apparently made out in clothing in general); a couple of stuffed giraffes; a stocking with chocolate and other sweets, a stuffed dog with mittens, clothes, a disney princesses crib blanket, an ariel floor activity/throw blanket, and a christmas ornament. i also passed down her mama's "baby's first christmas" stocking. kitten tried to get her to help with the unwrapping, but she was far more interested in eating the paper than tearing it off the packages. *g*

her parents received
heroes season 1, a book on the first 6 seasons of 24, and kitten received some bath & body stuff she wanted and some shoes.

jewel got the crockpot she said she wanted and now it turns out she doesn't need (she has moved out of the apartment--long story for another day), a cookbook, the
harry potter movies released so far, and a book.

the christmas movie we picked up for the kids this year was, of course,
harry potter and the order of the phoenix. froggy's dad got her clothes (a really cute pair of pants, a couple of sweater tops), she got a dolphin blanket, the mercedes lackey griffon series, a little frog trinket figurine, a jewelry box, a "spread your wings" tinkerbell t-shirt, backpack, a body wash kit, and a little purse with lip gloss and stuff. taz also picked up some clothes from dad (the jeans were 14 regulars, which may be a problem with his slender frame, but we do make him wear belts all the time, so we'll see), a 4-in-1 coat, an electric razer, the mater-national game (which he has attempted to play once), smallville season 1, hot wheel cars, spiderman towel set, and spiderman and cars pen and pencils.

saxy received santana's newest album, an emergency kit for the car (which really is appropriate considering the number of cars we've gone through--it was even in the cars gift bag; and it has everything you's need--jumper cables, first aide kit, ponchos, flashlight, etc), 2 wolf t-shirts, and a beautiful wolf stein. finally, i received a bunch of hoop-style earrings, a "mom" necklace, and a mini ipod shuffle.

dinner was perfect, if a bit stressful to do. it was our traditional dinner: cornish game hens and stuffing, corn, green beans, yams with marshmallows and brown sugar, crescent rolls and dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and sparkling cider. for dessert, we had the cheesecake, but i'm not sure we'll do that again--most of the kids found it to be too rich. i did try to bake an apple pie, but it kind of exploded (and we have learned that domy is not an out of the can kind of baker). the chicken was fall-off-the-bone tender. the only "downer" was the yams--completely wiped out before the hub got any and i made 2 family size cans. guess the next time i have 9 people eating i have to do 3 cans and need 2 baking dishes. the really cool thing? my back gave me problems only once during the whole preparation.

today we're going to go see
national treasure: book of secrets--a treat from linnorm, and tonight we start stripping down the tree. both the older girls have decided they want to take their ornaments, so they will be packing them up this afternoon. jewel will be taking hers home tonight while kitten and trin need to have theirs packed to go with them tomorrow.

i guess the real holiday recovery will begin then. we'll have the kids, but it will be awfully quiet and empty without baby cat and family here.

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