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tuesday, december 27, 2005

tomorrow and thursday may be my last days to really relax. today was a bunch of final christmas errands plus a doctor's appointment for taz; friday my grade record books should arrive and i'll be transferring grades and attendance over, sometime this weekend i need to work on next year's whysper design (yep, still no new design yet - been waiting on the art which is being made all special for me), tuesday is the teacher planning/in service day as well as the day we send kitten back to fort gordon, and wednesday we start school again. the whirlwind begins anew, and still no writing.

today we picked up jewel's cell phone. the kid can't just be happy she has a cell phone, she has to complain that it's not the right kind or on the right company. i so seriously want to wring her neck sometimes. in addition to the phone, linnorm got it covered by the 2 year replacement warranty best buy has and bought her a card with minutes on it. we've warned her to be careful or she might end losing it for awhile because we're not putting money on every 10 days. she wants ring tones and we told her that was a bad idea because of the cost, and she complained about that. in fact, tonight ended up being another bitch fest from her until i finally told her i didn't want to hear another word and sent her out with her father to pick up milk and ice cream.

after we picked up the cell phone, linnorm dropped me off, grabbed up the kids, and took them all to wal-mart for clothing shopping. he ended up with sticker shock. we did warn him that $50/kid wouldn't cover their minimum clothing needs. but kitten is very good at hunting down deals on good clothes, so he probably faired better than he would have if she hadn't been there. ;) after that, they all went to lunch.

and while they were gone, we got the news that our breaks need yet another bit of work - work not covered under the warranty since the part that needs to be taken care of wasn't worked on in that $1100 job done less than a month ago. new job will cost about $150. we're going to have to break it up to afford it.

then linnorm took saxy, taz, and i off to taz's doctor to discuss new meds for him. he has trouble sleeping at night, but the last switch over didn't work out as well as we'd hoped. he was edgier, unable to control himself as well, more temperamental. we took him off a week later and put him back on his previous medication. it doesn't help with sleep, but it does a better job with regulating his day time behavior. she's giving him an additional med to take at night - we're going to add a little at a time until we find the dose that works - while keeping him on the med that works for day time.

after the doctor's appointment, we went to target to do the final bits of shopping. taz has needed a much more organized system than the big toy box he has, so linnorm picked up one of those shelf systems with the buckets. saxy and i picked up a 3 drawer chest plus hangers for taz and the girls. and thank god we're pretty much done. mcat gave saxy his check today and, after the break job, we're just barely in the black. but everything we wanted to accomplish this holiday is done and most of the things we bought extra were needed, and the kids got their fun stuff as well. well, except, apparently, the cell phone. :P

at any rate, i'm pretty tired and am planning to go to bed early tonight and be lazy tomorrow and the next day. i'll probably even try to write. starting friday, any writing time, except for what i need to do for school, will be gone.

i guess i better start looking for an alternative bit of art for next year's whysper. just in case the work i'm waiting for doesn't make it in time. once the whirlwind hits, there won't be much time to put together a new layout, so i need to get it done as soon as i can. those busy days coming will definitely cramp my style.

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