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sleep before midnight?
monday, december 27, 2004

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holidailies 2004

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who are you kidding? not likely to happen aaaaaannnnnnnny time soon!

she's in a plane now. i "saw" her off to the airport when they left earlier today.

none of us could really eat dinner. taz has been acting out worse than ever the last 2 days. the girls are bickering.

really, it's all the excitement.

right after dinner it was baths and bed. taz is still awake. jewel is out. froggy is pretending to be asleep. hubby went to bed about an hour a go, i went to shower. and now i'm supposed to go to sleep.

yea, that's going to happen . . . not! but i'll give it a try. if i haven't gotten to sleep by 2, i may as well give it up since the alarm is set for 3:15. i'm going to try the ffx way - play ffx for about a half an hour to 45 minutes and see if it actually helps me pass out like it has for the last month. if not, well, then i'll turn it off and try the standard way - which almost never works for me when i'm excited. it's that adhd brain going 100 miles an hour on a normal day.

now put it on speed.

i think you see the problem now.

but, really, i will try. just as soon as i rescue the pants i'm going to wear to meet them at the airport from the dryer.

no, really, i will! i swear! honest!

ummm . . . night!

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