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showing off!
thursday, december 29, 2005

images from our christmas this year:

our tree

jewel with spooky ororo, taz with gypsy, froggy with freaky vagner, and kitten with her hitomi.
(hitomi's first time being pictured with the family)

the aftermath ;)

vagner wanted to be a present too!

"tasty presents!"

the stocking with napkin and silverware
(well, in this case, it was gold)

a complete table setting
the plates are white with either gold or silver edging

yes, i'm proud of my table, why do you ask?
(this is the first year we've been able to be this fancy, after all.)

the buffet table before the food

the buffet!

my cornish game hens that everyone loves so much! :)

(aren't they gorgeous girls?)

maybe some day we'll get a digital camera for clearer pictures, but i think even these show just how nice it all was.

okay, off to enjoy more family time! :)

word of the moment: precious

of high worth or cost; characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for; obviously contrived to charm

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