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wednesday, december 27, 2006

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some days i seriously need to be saved from myself. or my brain. or something.

for the last couple of months, i've been paying my phone bill via my free online banking account. problem is, i never updated the account with the new phone number. so nearly $350 in payments have gone to the wrong account. and it didn't even cross my mind to check/fix/change the account info in the bill paying info until today when the phone came up dead.

fortunately, the company was understanding. the last payment is being transferred to the new number. the payments before that are being sent to me as a check and will have to go back into the account as soon as we get it. and the phone has been reconnected without charge. and i finally went in and changed the account info so all future payments should now go to the right account.

and last night i told my doctor i'm going off all unnecessary meds, including my adhd medication . . . and she agreed that it made sense. times like this make me wonder. really.

speaking of which, i went to see the doctor to get my heart medication refilled (as a working heart that's not ready to explode is necessary) and, as usual, she came up with yet new problems for me to keep an eye on. i'm now arthritic and pre-diabetic in addition to everything else. seems every time i go in, there's more bad news. the good news is usually stuff i already new, like . . . my finger isn't broken. i knew that, really i did. i did, however, get a splint anyway (something about resting it or maybe sprained or something . . . oh, and the arthritis that's making the knuckle swollen) plus a squooshy ball to squeeze to help it become stronger.

so, now i'm adhd and anemic, have asthma, allergies, an ulcer, high blood pressure, arthritis, and am pre-diabetic. i grant you, some of this would probably be solved by losing a little weight. and i do want to exercise, but until my schedule is something i can count on every day for the job, it's not going to happen. unless i can set it up to be a regular habit at about the same time every day, i just won't remember to do it. so i need the ft/p position not only for the extra money and so i can insure my husband, but also so i can start walking on a daily basis and actually remember to walk on a daily bases.

but, really, i'm such a mess. a walking encyclopedia of medical issues. but at least i won't be a walking pharmacy any more. i figure i need the heart stuff and the vitamins to help keep my iron up. beyond that, i can live with being flaky (did that for a long while before we discovered that i'm adhd); the asthma has been pretty quiet out here so i probably only need my albuterol to handle sudden attacks; as long as i can breathe through my mouth, i'm fine with not taking the nasal inhaler; the tummy hasn't been upset of late, so i don't need that stuff unless it gets upset again. cutting those meds alone saves me $60 minimum. and i can live with that.

and now, i need to go find the roll of stamps that seem to have gotten lost in the office clean up.

i just may need to rethink that adhd medication. yeesh.

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