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wednesday, december 13, 2006

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and now on to something not crazy classroom related.

i've changed when i'm doing my last 2 secret santa gifts. tomorrow is cookies; friday, when we do the reveal, is going to be the angel. which means, of course, i'm baking tonight. and i'll be baking quite late. while i bake, i'm checking the grades i've entered into the gradebook to those entered on the comp at school (using a spreadsheet printout). i won't get them all checked tonight, even staying up late, but at least i'm starting to get them done. i've seriously needed to do the check for a few days now.

jewel was helping with some of the baking stuff for a bit, but, in true jewel fashion, started whining about this that and the other thing, so i told her to go away. of course, instead of going to bed, after whining about how she needed sleep, she's packing to move this weekend. really, all she had to do was say she didn't want to help.

as for the cookies, there are the standard fair -- peanut butter, chocolate crinkles, and eggnog -- plus a new one that is being tried out this year: pecan delights. i probably won't finish the batch of pecan delights -- saxy wasn't too impressed with them. i have enough to put in my secret santa gift bag, and that works. i have a sugar cookie on a laminated card as well, which means we must have thought it was okay, but i decided it would be too much of a pain to do tonight. maybe when the family is all here and i won't be up until 2 a.m. getting crinkles done.

speaking of which, still no set date on when kitten and trin will be here, but the estimate sounds like she can spend my last day at work with me. maybe.

baking tonight has had one odd challenge -- one of my pinkie fingers is in rather bad shape. you really don't think about how much you use a pinkie finger until one is unusable. typing isn't a problem since i don't use my pinkie anyway, but it has been rather weird when trying to grasp other things and i try to wrap my pinkie around whatever it is and the pinkie won't go. at least the pain is gone, but i will probably still get it checked sometime soon. i was going to do it tonight, but saxy had some work to do.

as for what happened, the other morning i slipped on the stairs. when i tried to steady myself by using the wall, i apparently did so with the side of my hand or just my fingers rather than my palm. not sure if something is cracked or if it's just jammed, but, boy, did that sucker hurt! i tried icing it, but that only made it sting more. by the end of the day, it was swollen, kind of hard, and had blue bruising around it. it's just loverly . . . not! i'm pretty sure it isn't broken since the pain had dulled quite a bit and i could move it without agony. today it's still swollen, still has some bruised coloration, and i can't bend it far at all. but the pain is gone.

which may be the only reason i can do any baking at all.

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