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tuesday, december 12, 2006

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Pui-Mun Law

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a particular little kitten needs to learn to stay away from under the desk. i was just getting to write this a little earlier, and logan decided he needed attention.

so he turned the whole system off by stepping on the surge protector.

clever little guy, even if it didn't quite get him what he wanted at the time. at least he got some attention.

and i almost didn't come back to write this. i'm just too damn tired these days. seriously, last night i almost fell asleep in the car on the way home. not only is this something i never do, but the house is only a 15 minute drive from work . . . and it usually takes me at least 45 minutes to wind down enough just to lay still, much less sleep.

i'm having a hard time to find any motivation for anything. i need to finish the final test for the current unit, but have barely even looked at it since sunday. i just can't seem to get the motivation to finish it, especially since we had to push our way through the last couple of chapters and i know the kids retained nothing. it's their jobs to retain nothing.

tonight i was going to double check the grades in my gradebook with the grades in the computer and make sure everything is kosher -- i only made it through part of the first page of the printout. i still need to wrap my secret santa's gift. and i'm sure there was something else i needed to do, but it has escaped me. i barely have the brain power to retain the most immediate task that needs to be done. everything else evaporates before i can get a handle on it.

i hate this class. really, i do.

today we cracked down even more on the kids in my homeroom. they have a christmas party coming to them . . . maybe. the deal is this: between now and then i will mark down a hashmark for each time they misbehave. three hashmarks and no party. plus i'm writing up kids who do not stay in their seats after they get what they need from the locker. it seems a couple of kids have been using the chaos to make out. meh. the new administrator was in the class when i laid down the new rules, and he asked if anyone didn't understand what was just said. no one raised their hand, so it assumed that they all know what we're doing now.

god it's nice to have someone backing me up in the classroom!

anyway, then he gave them a stiff lecture about doing their work since at least a third of the students have chosen to write nothing down for the upcoming project during the 5 or 6 days we spent in the media center.

course, the student all this applied to the most was absent today. yeesh.

anyway, i'm hitting survival mode. getting through each day as best i can, sleeping whenever i can, eating as necessary as long as it's placed in front of me. it's not my favorite place to be in, this survival mode, but it will have to do until i get more than 4 days off to recharge.

and i've got to go back to this classroom after the holidays. now there's a take two i can do without.

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