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friday, december 29, 2006

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so, i meant to write yesterday, just didn't feel much up to doing anything when we got back from our errands. i mean, i didn't want to write, didn't want to read, didn't want to crit, i didn't even want to play ffxii. when it came time for bed, i wasn't really tired and didn't want to sleep. it was pretty weird. i did eventually play ffxii. i actually started over, so i could pay more attention to the details and make notes about the side quests and all that on post-its and put them in the book. (seriously, i hate the way they set these game books up for the ps2 -- everything's all scattered and you have to dig for side quests and mini-games. they really should just put these things where they can be done in the story line so the people who want to do them don't have to hunt everything down. heck, i have one book pretty much thrashed because of the way they set it up! pet peeve of mine.)

i'm not really sure why i was like that. it's not like we did all that much. we were out for a long time, but the department of driver services is that way -- and even then it didn't take that long. all jewel needed was a georgia i.d., so it was no big deal -- no driver's test, no driving test, nothing. we were there for awhile, but not as long as saxy was when we first came out -- poor guy was there literally all day getting is driver's license updated. since then, the dds has moved to a larger facility and added more employees to cover everything, so it al moves much faster than it did.

then it was off to the bank to open a checking account for the girl. with her out of the house, she needs an account so she can cash her checks on her own and get her last 4 months of child support from dad without a lot of hassle. (she also needs to start looking into another job, but we won't go into that.) at first it looked like we were going to have to put one of our names on the account for her to get one, but she has a job and is 4 months away from 18, so they gave her her own personal account without an adult signing on.

after that, we went to lunch at sweet tomatoes. and that was pretty much that. we didn't really do all that much, so i shouldn't have been so out of it when we got home.

as for miss thang, she went back to her place on her own -- we're so boring over here, and one of the boys she lives with is so interesting (but she swears he isn't a boyfriend and isn't the reason she and the most recent boyfriend broke up). but she'll be back tonight to go to the movie with everyone else. (i swear, i didn't raise her to be so rude and such a . . . taker!) i'll give her the change of address forms we picked up for her, then she'll be all set. she even managed to get her last box of stuff out of the house.

miss thang on her own. a scary thought. too bad she made it necessary when she was so unready for it. but, like most of us, she'll manage or not. if not, hopefully she'll learn. it would be really sad if the kid couldn't learn from life what she refused to learn from us.

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