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sunday, december 31, 2006

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i'm really going to have to think about the good stuff that i like to reflect on over new year's eve because, honestly, this year sucked. thank goodness it went quickly. here's hoping next year is better. this year, actually, was a classic example of why i don't make new year's resolutions: life never works out the way i planned. ever. i'm supposed to be in a ft/p position with the school district now. we're supposed to be doing better financially. so on and so forth. just hasn't happened.

beyond that, we don't really celebrate new year's, but there are still things going on.

linnorm leaves for home this afternoon. as much as i don't mind him coming out to visit his kids, and i'm happy the kids get to see him, i'm glad he's going. there's just a point, no matter how friendly you are with the ex, that it's time for them to go, and it's definitely time.

saxy and i celebrate our anniversary tonight. we traditionally don't go out -- too many crazies on the road, but he usually makes us a nice dinner, rents a few movies, and we toss the kids in bed early so we can spend some time together eating dinner and watching movies. imagine my surprise this morning when he not only hadn't planned on our breakfast together, but hadn't planned on dinner either (he had rented the movies yesterday). he changed his mind, i think more because i was so startled, but i'm surprised he even considered dumping both dinner and breakfast and making today pretty much like any other day. the whole money thing must be really getting to him.

nine years. not too long ago, we were lucky to have made #5. it's just sad that we haven't managed to do much better than when we first got married. i keep trying to keep my chin up about things, but some days i really wonder who am i kidding. money and all that aside, though, we're happy. we can do another 9 years easy. ;)

i don't know if the new whysper design will make it up tomorrow. it'd be sad if this was the first year it was late, but i'm really having problems doing what i want to do. the graphic eveninghawk made for me is great, it's the background i'm having issues with. i'm going to try to think about it some more as i work on hitting my last 2000 words for the year, but i suspect i need to reconsider my idea or learn layers. since i don't have the time, desire, or motivation for the latter . . . .

in some ways, i wish today would just slow down a little, give me a chance to finish a few things up. in 3 days i go back to the classroom and any delay on that, even imagined, would make me happy. but today is probably going to be like the rest of this year. it'll zip through and make you wonder what happened to it when that new year's peach drops.

just seems to be the way of 2006.

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