tuesday, january 2, 2007

it certainly took me long enough to get the new whysper figured out. this is it, new and fresh. i don't think i've ever been quite so stuck on what to do with a layout before. i even had the image i wanted, and couldn't quite get that to work. it actually didn't all start coming together until late last night. much thank yous and bows to the goddess, alana, for putting up with all my whiny, neediness. she created this beautiful image of amon, a character in one of my fave anime series, witch hunter robin, the locket, and all the associated pieces. without her i'd
still be stuck! she even did things last minute for me! she rocks!

it took almost all day today to complete, but i am quite happy with the new design, especially since i figured out how to make the layout work without an iframe. i am very pleased indeed.

i'm trying to enjoy my last day home on vacation. i need to shuffle my packs and boxes of stuff that go with me when i work in the classroom, but i'm not really motivated to do so. i'm so not looking forward to going back, but, who knows, maybe the time off will have done the kids good too. or maybe, since it's only 3 days, they won't have time to go back into monster mode. who knows. i just want to get it over with, then call my other schools and tell them i'm available again. and remind them that i'm still looking for ft/p. with half a dozen schools coming up on contract renewals and stuff, hopefully something will open up for me somewhere.

and then i can pull my hair out over kids that didn't start out as my kids but have become my kids. or something like that.

while i'm not looking forward to school starting again for me, it can't come soon enough for taz. we've had some real issues with him this holiday -- the humming and spinning and self-talk have gotten completely out of hand. and he's definitely showing signs of teenage rebellion or something. i think we'll be checking into some new meds, if we can, when he goes in to see his doctor later this month. he could also be reacting to having dad out (he's always harder to manage around dad since dad isn't around much and doesn't stay with the program when he is) and having jewel no longer living with us.

2006 was a tough year for everyone, i think. we had some good things -- i have a new son-in-law (ok, so i've also already wanted to slap him once or twice, but i've generally kept my mouth shut), a friend married and wore a fyal as part of her wedding outfit, we got to see cheryl crow in concert, and i went to dragon*con. so, yea, good things happened. it just seems like this past year was more of a struggle for everyone. and there was so much not so good stuff, a lot of it overshadowed the good. 2006 also kicked me in the teeth when it came to writing. i did get published in an antho, but my word counts were lower than anything i'd seen and i ended up dropping my novel for awhile . . . a long while it seems.

and i'm hearing from others that 2006 wasn't so hot for them either. no one i know has said that 2006 was the best year ever for them.

at any rate, i've determined that i'm not going to let 2007 kick me in gut like 2006 did, at least in the areas where i can do something about it. writing: 575 words a day, even when i work. saxy's going to look for another job, and i will get a handle on our finances, some how. jewel is out of the house, so that makes some things easier, other things . . . well, not harder, just different. i don't make resolutions, but i do make goals. and this year, i'll make baby goals, and when i've reached them, i'll make new baby goals. and the aim of all my goals will be to get back on top of things in writing, work, and life. i'm even looking at things i once enjoyed and don't do because of lack of time and considering doing some of them -- cross stitch and linkware in particular. life has been out of balance for me in a lot of ways and it's time to rethink and find that balance again.

2006 is finally over. here's hoping for a much better 2007 for everyone!

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