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wednesday, june 28, 2006

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it continues to be an up and down month (which is almost over, can you believe it? yeesh!): payment arrangements were made and tomorrow i have to modify them because i gave everybody the wrong freaking date for my check to get in, the car broke down, and on, and on, and on . . . add nauseoum.really, i'm sick of all this, but i'm pretty much heading into whatever. we'll get over it, move on, do what we always do.

which, of course, won't stop me from worrying. this is, apparently my job, and i do it well. (no wonder my writing suffers even when i can actually find the time to write!)

however, today's entry is about good stuff.

some time back, i mentioned that saxy had won sheryl crow tickets. and then . . . nothing. i mean, really, if you look at the archives since then, there's nothing. and with good reason: sheryl's concert was delayed. the release said the tickets would be good later, so saxy held onto them.

and later has arrived.

we went to the concert last night. we almost didn't get to go. as mentioned earlier, the car chose this week to completely tank on us. it got towed home. then towed to the shop. we didn't know if it would be ready, and had pretty much assumed it wouldn't be. i asked mcat if there was any way he could help on the transportation issue and he said we'd work something out, but we were nervous all the way up until our car was declared usable again. saxy went to pick it up and we had a frantic rush to get ready, take jewel to a check place, drop kids back off at home, and head on out. dinner was wendy's on the way (and not a very good wendy's either -- meh), but at least we were going and in our own vehicle (so no mad dash to pick up and drop off either a car or a third party).

now, i like sheryl crow, but i will admit to not being the biggest fan in the world. so, tonight was all saxy's night. i even dressed up for him. i had offered to let him take someone else, but he wanted me to go, so i went. not that i didn't want to go, just that i wasn't going to complain if he knew of another sheryl crow fan and wanted to take that person instead. course, when i offered, the look on his face was rather comical in its denial. ;)

the show was held in this old theater in atlanta, and it was already packed when we got there (a half an hour early even!). because jewel owed us money and paid it when we got her check cashed, he was able to get his t-shirt right away. from there it was on to our seats -- 4 rows back and to the right. really, even if we weren't dead center, great seats! and the seats on either side of us filled rather slowly, so we had the row to ourselves for most of the opening act and the opening of sheryl's set. the theater itself was beautiful, one of the older ornate ones, with a luminous, starry, night sky for a ceiling, the "outlines" buildings along the back, bold beautiful colors. just gorgeous. (we all know who i want to see there now!)

the opening act was jack ingram, and were we impressed! really, the guy says he's country, but he's more rock with a touch of country to me. saxy's never heard of him before, but i think i have -- i just can't place the when or where. no big. the man was cute, funny, and talented. it was a great deal of fun listening to him, and he energized the crowd a little as well. the late comers really did miss a good opening show! (we did have this couple with some really cute kids finally sit on one side -- one of the girls was in this bright jeans and vest thing -- ribbons and spangles everywhere. sounds atrocious, but she and her outfit were adorable!)

during the break, saxy disappeared for a bit and returned just as sheryl was getting ready to come out . . . with popcorn! (well, it is an old movie theater!)

sheryl sounded a little like she was screaming in the earliest part of her set, maybe in the first couple of songs, but she settled in and sounded pretty good after that! it's always nice to hear an artist who sounds pretty close to their albums -- and she definitely doesn't over mixon her albums. she played all familiar songs, some old, some new, including her contribution to the soundtrack of the movie "cars." and she had some pretty cool projections used on the backdrop behind her as she sang. towards the end of the concert, i did get a little overwhelmed with all the people and the heat and the noise, but it was pretty close to time, so i just sat down and enjoyed the music. i think she left and came back for an encore with 3 or 4 additional songs.

the only downside was that saxy did try to get pictures but our cell phones just don't take good images. very grainy. and you really can't see her in them very well -- not even in the ones where she didn't come out looking like a glowy ghost in the white lights with her white top! lol and sheryl is much smaller than i expected! i wouldn't say tiny, but definitely shorter and much more slender than i thought.

as we left, we picked up a jack ingram cd for me -- and the man even signed it! so, we got to see crow and take home jack! and saxy really enjoyed it, which is what really counts here. he's been due a little fun.

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