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just tired
friday, june 28, 2002

my old night owl habits are trying to kick in again while i'm still too tired to fight it. things are still so up and down with my energy levels it's frightening. and very frustrating. i have things i want to do, and a few i have to do, and not enough energy to spread around and do it all. i'm sure my 2 extra papers are part of the problem - if i didn't have any more school crap to finish, i'd probably be happier with what i do with my time and therefor be more motivated and have a bit more energy to do it.

there are other stresses too. saxy's looking for work, but it's not out there and i can't take my cbest until fall so i'm over qualified just to breathe in this neighborhood. lol

saxy did finally get to the college to try to appeal their decision to throw him out. he took in the 6 page report the psych sent us and was told he still doesn't qualify as learning disabled because she failed to include his social background and circumstantial information (i.e. being unemployed, etc). that's just plain stupid as far as i'm concerned - another way to avoid paying out for services he may need. on the other hand, they ARE going to declare him as "other" and give him the minimum the doctor indicated he needs. so, if he gets back in, he'll get at least that much.

some of my stresses right now are just...personal issues. then there's the heat. i don't do well when it's too hot or too cold, and right now we're getting in that range of hot that makes my swamp cooler useless. that just drains the energy right out of you and makes you want to sleep right through it all.

one of the things i'm going to be doing is reducing my projects and making a bit more focused rather than scattered all over creation. that's more work now, though, so not getting done as quickly as i would like.

i'm just too damn tired.

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