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type reasons
thursday, june 20, 2002
warning: vent ahead!

i had another run-in with a know it all that i have made every attempt to avoid. and of, course, all the issues that have led to my preferences to stay away from her came bubbling up when she displayed the extent of her knowledge once more and essentially told me i had no idea what i was talking about...again. forget that what i passed on didn't come from me.

but that is her problem, right? if she wants to ignore the input from people who make the particular issue in debate their livelihoods, that's her loss. what gets me is one of the original reasons i began to dislike this woman. i still "hear" it whenever i run into her. i am also almost positive it is one of the reasons she manages to cut everything else i do or say in the chats associated with the site we both go to.

she has a problem with my completely lower case typing, even the lower case typing on my own site.

now, i can understand part of her difficulty, she explained her vision difficulties to me. what i don't need is her harping on it, especially since she's never bothered to ask WHY i type this way.

so, folks, whether you wanted to know or not, here's WHY i tend to type primarily in lower case:

i think too fast.

it is a part of my adhd (everyone is a bit different) to have, literally, a hyperactive frontal lobe. it is active even when i'm asleep, so you can imagine how it is when i'm awake. i literally am thinking about a dozen things at once (i did a stream of consciousness writing once and it was pretty damn scary! NO ONE would get it. heck, I barely understood the darn thing!).

so, what it comes down to is this: i think so fast, and i'm trying to keep up - this is the easiest way for me to get my thoughts out. an almost impossible task, i know, but that's why i write all in lower case. it also accounts for the fumble-fingered typos you often see.

now, when i write my stories and get them drafted up for revision, i do use capitals.

and i must say, having ONE person type in all lower case on a message board isn't going to make that board look any less professional. how I type is no reflection on the board itself. what i type may, since the owners would be responsible to remove anything offensive.

this may seem like a poor excuse to a lot of people. but until you're in my shoes, you don't have the right to tell me to fix how i type. this is my site and i will type how i want, or need, to. you don't like it, you don't have to be here.

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