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sunday, january 2, 2005

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5 resolutions for 2005:
i need to preface this with the note that i don't generally make resolutions. i do make goals for myself, but not usually for an entire year. resolutions to me say that i will get them done, while goals are things i aim for. so, instead of resolutions, i have 5 goals for myself for 2005.

» finally finish my first novel.
» write more than the 250k i wrote in 2004.
» get a bed. and bookshelves. and basically get out of boxes as much as we can.
» take better care of myself. eat better, take my meds, all that stuff.
» start paying of the creditors, beginning with the small stuff first and working my way up.

5 things i'm looking forward to in 2005:

» getting on stable ground financially and paying off a few of the way past due bills.
» seeing my oldest again. god, i miss her.
» a "real" christmas with all the trimmings we missed in 2004 and just threw together in previous years. a christmas planned and created with forethought and lots of love.
» getting used to this work thing so i'm not so tired and so i can write more again.
» being able to do more as the finances get more under control and taken care of.

5 things i'm not looking forward to in 2005:

» fighting with the creditors as i start to get our mess straightened out. they always want more than i can give.
» getting through the 2 months around summer when i'm not working.
» increasing conflict with a teenage girl and a preteen girl in the same house. the same bedroom even.
» having less time for my writing when i start teaching full time . . . if i start teaching full time.
» youngest moving up to middle school and having to go through all the rigmarole to get her enrolled.

5 books i want to read in 2005:
just 5? ummm . . . okay.

» reading the rest of michelle west's sun sword series. i'm currently reading book 1.
» the great book of amber.
» alphabet of thorn by patricia mckillip.
» mindy klasky's glassright series
» the over abundance of writing books i own but have yet to read (i have at least a dozen of them, if not more).

5 things i'm going to try to cut back on in 2005:

» salt - for good.
» sugar.
» tv. i didn't watch a lot of it before i married saxy, but the amount has been steadily climbing since. time to pick and choose my shows.
» being snippy at saxy when it comes to the kids. it's still our one area of difficulty and there's got to be a better way to deal with it.
» playing on the ps2.

5 things i'm going to try to do more of in 2005:

» writing.
» interacting with my kiddles, especially taz who needs a lot more mommy input.
» spend time alone with the hubby, whether snuggling up at home or a quiet dinner out.
» being active. not just physically, but also getting out and interacting with people, making new friends, and all that.
» spending time with mcat. i need time with my brother, i need to get to know him.

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