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sunday 12.31.2000
fonting it

why i didn't write yesterday or the day before, the reason is simple. i was fonting it. late thursday i decided to work on kitten's expressions layout. i have nothing to show you for this because i never actually did get started. i had over 1400 fonts on my computer, not all installed, but on the drive for me to install if i decided to use one. and nearly every one i tried for kitten's new page, including the frames and pieces i had purchased, had suddenly gone corrupt. i open verdana, and saw times new roman. i opened aja (her absolutely favorite font) and got times new roman. from the plainest print to the most elaborate script i saw, for most of them, times new roman. were the dings pictures? nope. times new roman. i rebooted. i shut down and restarted. i ran norton's utilities. i uninstalled and tried to reinstall, only to get errors and being unable to reinstall. nothing worked. times new roman had taken over my computer. for keeps.

to say i was upset would be putting it mildly. i was almost in tears actually. perhaps a trivial thing to cry over, but there i sat with watery eyes trying one font after another and really ready to chuck the whole machine out the nearest window.

i finally wrote the people i had purchased fonts from in desperation and went to bed. then all day friday and much of yesterday i hunted down my fonts. not all 1400 of them, but the ones i REALLY wanted and the ones i have used in the past. all of the people i purchased from are replacing my lost fonts, although no one can explain to me why my machine ate them. so i am down to seeking out one last font and waiting for the new file of one i purchased. i don't have 1400, but i am happy that i managed to find what i did. and, i have a plan to save myself such future disasters (with much thanks to the sister who is willing to help me with this). now, if someone says the cd-rom will corrupt too, i WILL cry.

happy new years all!

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