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monday, january 1, 2001
new millennium, old world

welcome to the new millennium. really. in spite of all the press to the contrary last year at this time, 2001 is the new millennium, not 2000. the big deal last year was computers. but i am sure you all knew that, right?

new year's was celebrated in traditional illegal and most dangerous style in our neighborhood. our neighbor had a loud party and around midnight the entire neighborhood, and several other neighborhoods surrounding us, all erupted in gunfire. all through the evening we got to hear the busy police sirens speeding all over the neighborhood, so when we became gun central we knew calling for help was a pointless endeavor. all we could do is make it through the five minutes or so that it was all going on and continue doing what we were doing.

not that that was much. we had pretty much finished out anniversary celebration (we ARE getting m.i.2 btw, i absolutely MUST have it). he was taping a dirty harry movie (yuck!) and i was revising the first chapter for the heroes of silverhall in visions. we tried to watch gladiator, which saxy loves, but i was more interested in other things by that time, so the movie was turned off. all in all it was a quiet evening, minus the five minutes of shooting practice.

in a week i start school (no, i am most definitely NOT ready). the kids start tuesday, giving saxy and i a few days before i am off to the academic world again. he has a doctor's appointment to discuss surgery in a few days. the rent will clean out the bank account, but child support comes in this weekend so we're not in the worst shape . . . yet. my f.a. hasn't shown up so it looks like i will start off behind in classes, so my first few days once i do get my books will probably be spent off-line catching up on at least 6 chapters of reading for 3 different classes. fun . . . NOT!

in other words, it may be a new millennium, but it certainly is the same old world. the dramatic changes people seem to hope for on these "special" new years won't happen until people change. which is pretty much why i don't celebrate new years, not even a new years where the last 3 numbers of the year are all 0's. the new year that will mean something to me is the year that we have shown care and concern for our poor, war is the last resort to anything rather than the first, and we can all find a way to accept one another despite different opinions, colors of skin, and religions.

only we can do it, and we must do it together. we have a lot of work ahead of us. welcome to the new millennium.

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