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friday, december 31, 2004

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the visit is about to end.

the sad things is it's starting to look like we all could use a vacation from our vacation. the girls were bickering this morning, linnorm apparently has had his fill of children and georgia, and even saxy and i were getting a bit snappy tonight. do i want kitten to go? no, but it's looking like a break from each other would be in order soon if they weren't leaving tonight.

i have 2 problems with georgia: hela monster (however that's spelled) skin and asthma. my skin is still oily, i think - the pimples are still a problem anyway, but the upper layer is dry and flaky and ugly looking. i started looking for solutions and have found them at anywhere from $20 to $40 an ounce. ouch. one of said solutions is made of olive oil so i went google searching for olive oil on skin info. turns out it can be a very good/helpful moisturizer kind of thing. since olive oil is cheaper in the grocery store, i've gone to patting olive oil on my face instead of paying $40 for an ounce of the olive oil product. seems to be helping, actually. i've also picked up some ponds stuff cleaning clothes and moisturizer since the avon vitamin e stuff doesn't seem to be doing much. now i just need a cleanser, i guess.

i never imagined i'd become one of those women with a cream for everything, but at this point i have a leave-in conditioner for my hair, a cream for my feet, lotion for my hands, and am now collecting face stuff in the desperate search for something to get rid of dryness, flakes, and itch. someone, save me, please.

as for my asthma, i don't know.

it's saxy's and my anniversary tonight - #7. my daughter returns to cali tonight as well. instead of having our usual lamb and shrimp dinner (which we can't afford) and a couple of rental movies, more than likely i'll be suffering separation anxiety instead.

today is the last day for my shido layout.

i really should be in bed . . . as usual. but we have a busy day planned and sleep would be good. among the plans: fuddruckers, visiting kitten's college of choice, and seeing a few of the places saxy worked on. we were going to try to squeeze a movie in there too, but i don't think there will be time for that.

speaking of movies, trying to do an lotr marathon using the extended editions with younger kids involved just doesn't work. course it probably would have helped if we'd had time too.

hubby kept kitten and i laughing most of last night's drive to the mall of georgia (beautiful mall, btw, but only one i'd go to if i wanted either clothes or jewelry) by commenting on georgia driving habits, among other things. like the tendency to yield when the sign says to keep moving and the tendency to keep moving when the sign says yield. what's with that anyway?

yes, my children are beautiful, and than you to everyone who commented on that. i am a very fortunate mother, i think. and the last photo posted in my last entry is my favorite too.

there's too much web stuff i need to do before the 5th. what's the 5th? the day school starts again and i might get called back in to work. we hope i get called back in to work. i need to get called back in to work.

another stage finished with book 3 of the trilogy. i wonder if i'll ever finish book 1's revisions?

the future looks full and bright.

this past year was too full and went too fast, but that's an entry for another day.

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