tired & old
thursday, december 27, 2007

just when did my age start catching up with me? i mean, really, just when did it get so hard for me to do the things i enjoy?

we went to see national treasure, which was a fun movie with a way too obvious set up for movie #3. but, really, not in a bad way. hell, they could leave "page #47" alone and i wouldn't feel cheated; it was just an obvious "watch for movie #3 to be about page #47" kind of ploy. in a strange twist, it irritated my husband more than it did me.

we wandered the mall as well, and found a japanese "outlet" store with bento boxes and a few other things. kitten went and "supplemented" gifts with a few extras--2 bento boxes (with cherries designs on their lids) for me and a pair of earrings and earrings for her sisters, plus she picked up a ty giraffe for baby cat. i am really surprised at how small the bento boxes really are--mine are 480 and 330/250 ml, and the two together come out to about the same as my fit 'n fresh lunch box set. they're cute, just...tiny. the earrings are hoops with blue stars and moons hanging inside. very pretty.

after words, we hemmed and hawed a bit, then went out to lunch. cheap, mall, fast food out to lunch. by this time, however, taz is getting overwhelmed and i'm getting pretty tired, so we pretty much came right back home. apparently kitten and trin were lucky to make it home since it looks like someone broke into the gas tank and siphoned some gas--breaking a piece off the rental car in the process, so an enjoyable afternoon pretty much ended on a sour note for them. they've filed a report with the police, but he's still going to have to pay for the damage.

we came home and i napped. i was just too damn tired to do anything else. i've never had to do that before. i mean, really, when did i get so old that a day out wipes me out like almost nothing else? just...seems too weird.

i remember when i was younger, how much i loved going out to the mall and doing things, then coming home with plenty of energy to hit the night life...if i could have hit the night life. unfortunately, i spent most of my teen years in the mountains (and the night life there wasn't one i wanted to participate in), and my young adult years without a vehicle. if i weren't a gamer, i don't know if i would have met anyone at all, which is sad. especially considering how much of a social butterfly i was.

now days, i still love the mall, but one movie, one trip around half of it, and a little lunch and i need a nap. it's just sad.

somewhere along the way, when i wasn't looking, i got old and tired. i miss the old me...the younger one who could dance all night, meet the sun, and keep on going. but i suppose even stretching and controlling the food won't bring that back. all i can do now is try to make it easier for me, try to get a little bit more stamina. the old will remain, but maybe i can do something about the tired. maybe.

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