the quiet begins
friday, december 28, 2007

after much fussing, searching, packing, fussing more, and other frantic activity, kitten and family are finally off to virginia. the leave taking actually went better than i thought it would. froggy even managed to not cry, though she did look sad. i did ask kitten to call me when she got in since it was pouring this morning and the sky looks like it wants to let loose again sometime soon.

linnorm will leave the 31st, but i suspect it's going to be pretty quiet even with him here. for one, he's not an infant. for two, he's here for the kids, which means i should be able to do things like get back into work and writing. sort of. he and froggy are more likely to interact than him and taz. it's not that he doesn't love taz, just that taz takes work to engage for any length of time, and can't be engaged the way normal kids are. linnorm just went on a walk with froggy. i'm sure he invited taz along, but taz probably didn't want to go, and linnorm doesn't "insist". he'd let taz sit in his room and spin all day if it came down to it--it's a lot of work to keep him from stimming. so, when taz says he doesn't want to do something, linnorm just lets it go. we've tried to tell him that he has to be in charge and be a little more forceful in getting taz involved, but he just doesn't do it. it's aggravating, but one of those things i kind of understand too. being social is work enough; pushing a kid who doesn't want to be social can be too much work for a lot of people. linnorm just happens to be one of those people. add to the fact that he's been a total bachelor for years (seeing the kids once a year), and, yea, you can see how it might be hard for him to figure out how to engage his son.

saxy's also not been working this week, which is a bit of a concern since that means no check next week even for food. my money from the retirement fund still hasn't shown up either (which is mostly going to be split between rent and the car we're buying). and the bills are starting to come in again, so, as usual, the first of the year is going to be tight. very tight. even if i were subbing, i wouldn't be working at this time, and the money for it wouldn't show until the end of january. saxy went shopping this morning with what little we had, so we should be good for a bit, anyway. we've been mostly eating leftovers--which should last another day. he's supposed to get a check today too, so we should be good for a bit, at least food wise. there are other concerns, but nothing major yet.

the house already feels...normal. we're not getting back into regular routines yet--saxy and the kids being home, plus linnorm around, makes that a little harder to do. i can't see myself getting back into my exercise stuff until after everyone is back to doing their regular activities. but it's pre-christmas/guests quiet anyway. nothing remains under the tree, all the baby toys and things are picked up, the bed is rumpled, even the christmas cards are laying flat on the dresser rather than standing up. the only real reminder of the busy holidays is the tree...oh, and the leftovers, the few remaining cookies (which got pretty annihilated), and the music on the mini ipod shuffle. there's a sadness, but it's not depressing sad...just a knowing they aren't here anymore.

i plan to use the next few days to catch up on a few things before i try to get back into the groove of the editing job. i need to tackle, whether i'm motivated or not. the mess needs to be taken care of before we get busy at lilley. i also need to finally work on and put up a new layout for dii. i've got a basic idea, i just need to put it together and get it up online. i did, amazingly enough, manage some small amount of writing (okay, VERY small, but i did!), and plan to spend this weekend working on some more. it's tough to get back into it when you've not been working on it for a week or two. the new whysper layout is pretty much done, i just need to finish setting up some of the pages--most of which can't be done until it's time to get it online.

beyond that, i'm still tackling the kitchen (which i haven't been able to get caught up on since christmas dinner!). i'm planning to move some of the stuff we don't use very often to a new cupboard to give us some myuch needed shelf space. i might actually get the tupperware lids off the table we use more as a counter than anything. (we had thought to use it for a breakfast bar for the kids, but we're short chairs.)

see? it's all become very mundane here now. and very quiet. i guess you never really notice how quiet things are until a baby has been in the house.

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