skerry places
saturday, december 29, 2007

most stores are okay to wander into--you go in and either get what you need or wander around and think things are cool but don't necessarily have the urge to buy. other stores, however, are skeery places. even going in with a list doesn't save you. some of these are common sense places to avoid until you have the money for probable splurge spending. like best buy. we go into best buy knowing what we're there for, but always expect to come out with something extra. as a result, we don't visit best buy often.

grocery stores are generally safe, though our local kroger sometimes has extras that would be cool to have. most of them don't push us into splurge spending however. the one exception would be christmas stuff. my entire set of mistletoe goblets started off as splurge spending. it's always a good thing that saxy does the grocery shopping, especially around christmas time. i picked up tablecloths, napkins, even the little stockings we use for our place settings at kroger (and was pretty upset that they weren't carrying them this year--meh!).

clothing stores don't entice me much either. there's things i need, and i generally try to hunt just those things down in something i like, but splurge spending doesn't happen often in them. which is not to say it doesn't happen, it's just a rare occurrence. needs tend to bubble to the top for me when it comes to clothing shopping. that goes for shoes and most other items of that nature too.

but keep me out of claire's. i mean, really, i have become an earring phreak and i could easily spend a fortune in splurge earrings. the good news is that i've gotten very good at ignoring the existence of claire's when i'm in the mall--as long as i don't go in, i'm fine. it's a good thing they don't sell least the last time i looked at their site, they didn't (and, no, i'm not going to check now either).

i also tend to avoid amazon unless buying very specific things. my wish lists are already too long there and my carts could sink a ship, not to mention our finances. just me "save for later" portion of my cart is 5 pages long...and that doesn't hold a candle to the wish lists. so, um, yea...i go to pick up specific things or to add a book that someone mentioned to my books list and pretty much try to otherwise stay off the site.

sam's club is a skeery place. the whole concept of bulk buying works when you can actually afford to buy in bulk, which we can't. but the food isn't the biggest problem there. the biggest problem there is things like dvd's and music. how can you NOT pick up
smallville for $20? or star trek for $80 versus the $100+ price tag everywhere else? sam's is my husband's downfall. he's not allowed to go alone anymore after the spending he did there this year.

sam's club is owned by the other scary store for us: wal-mart. yes, we can get caught up in target, but not nearly to the extent that wal-mart snags our money. we go in for a trip that should only cost maybe $50 and walk out having spent at least double that and often three times that. i can't even tell saxy to not go in unless i'm with him because i'm just as bad as he is in there! there's just so many good deals...problem is the good deals add up when they get tossed into your basket! the other problem is that wal-mart is just too easy. it's cheaper than the mall and most of whatever you need is available there, especially in the super stores. clothes? drug store? groceries? it's all there! it's gotten tot eh point that we always expect to spend way more than what it looks like we're going to spend. it's the only way to do a wal-mart trip now--go in with a list but expect to come out with quite a bit more in the shopping cart then we had in mind and with a much lighter wallet.

but today we beat the wal-mart demon. granted, it's only once, but we did beat it. we went in and picked up exactly what we were looking for (a jewlery box for my anniversary present and groceries) and we came out having spent less than what we expected. maybe wal-mart can finally start migrating to being a not so skerry place...


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