sunday, december 23, 2007

i honestly was wondering what the heck i would write about today. i mean, really, it's not like i have this fascinating life. i don't work outside of the home--which really does work for me, so no complaints there. i have very little family that i'm in contact with, which, again, works for me. love my kids, but most my other relatives are not missed. my grandmother is missed. my grandfather is missed. everyone in the middle? not missed so much. i've not been doing much this week except baking, which was okay. we are in cookie heaven. pie tomorrow. we even managed to get the christmas shopping all done in a timely manner--which is, i'm sure, what people would think this entry is about since, according to the news, apparently everyone and their brother decided to hold off shopping until right

i considered the kids' sudden spate of bickering, most of which seems to be started by taz. it started last night, and has been ongoing most of the day. thing is, i know where it comes from: taz knows the holiday is coming, knows kitten and family, dad, and jewel are all going to be here, and knows his entire schedule is about to go belly up with excitement. while knowing what's coming can help reduce some of his issues, it also creates new ones, especially with the teenager thing going on.

but, as you can see, that's maybe a paragraph. i could stretch it, but why bother?

then i considered the crankiness that seems to have hit the house today. saxy wouldn't go pick something up for me--not at first anyway. the sniping from the kids. even i was out of sorts, but wouldn't you be after baking for 5 days with a bad back? but again, the topic wasn't going to lead to much, especially since everyone seemed to settle down this evening.

baking has been done ad nauseum over the last few days. cleaning my office? lord, that would be thrilling...not. and i thought about noting that i put a couple of old christmas sets back up in the linkware section of the site, and talking about how i'd forgotten how much graphics work pleases and relaxes me. but, that seemed kind of lame. and, really, just how much could i talk about that? another paragraph? maybe two? really, there just didn't seem a whole lot available to write about today. i suppose i could have ambled over to the holidailies site and picked up a prompt, but i know how our life is: things are calm and quiet just before the storm. i figured something would come up eventually. usually does around here.

and i'm not sure how right i was...yet, but i'm sure the fallout of today's topic will provide at least one nice, juicy post after christmas. starting tomorrow, this place is going to be packed to overflowing with people. everyone's confirmed, times have been settled, and the madness of it all is about to begin.

tomorrow, i bake pie and hub and i move broken car into garage to make room for, not one, but TWO vehicles. we'll also be finishing the last of the laundry, cleaning my office, and doing any final touch ups on the house that are needed. and washing christmas china. meanwhile kitten and family will be leaving virginia around 10, and thus should be here about 6 or so--in good weather and minimal traffic. did we mention that baby cat is toddling? she started walking while here, but now wants to do it ALL THE TIME. cats better beware now!

fortunately, there's at least the night to get them settled in, their gifts under the tree, some of the excitement out. christmas day, linnorm arrives at 7:30 a.m. which puts him here around 8:15. yes, the kids will already be awake...all of them. another car in the driveway, lots of joyous (but loud) yelling will be heard---waking the poor hubby who is already trying to find cubby holes to dart into to get down time from the crowd.

this craziness will be followed up by jewel, who brings a whole bunch of crazy all on her. combined with everyone else, it's going to be a freaking madhouse before noon. it's been a long time since i've even experienced a house full of people and gift giving...since i was a kid, really. i remember loving those days, wanting to bring them into my own home--that one day of family closeness, where all the disagreements are set aside. course, i was a kid, and now realize that the disagreements were just sort of more muted. my family has never quite gotten along the way i wanted them too. and my older girls are likely to carry on the tradition, since they already get along so famously...not.

so, it's going to be a whole lot of nuts starting tomorrow night. somehow i'll have to think of another topic to write on early tomorrow because i suspect the rest of christmas even and, possibly, most of the week is going to go down in flames in terms of having any kind of time. kitten and family will be heading back to virginia the 28th...if the craziness of the household doesn't have trin wanting to flee earlier. linnorm is with us until the 31st. jewel, thank goodness, is heading back home some time after christmas day dinner. don't get me wrong, love her, but she's just a whole lot chaos all on her own without trying. i'm sure we'll see her interspersed throughout linnorm's visit.

i'll probably enjoy it all without even trying (i'm honestly more worried about the husband than anything--the whole being social thing is hard for him), but i should make an effort to try if for some reason i don't. this may be the last time for a long while that we're all together for the holidays. and that's worth a little bedlam.

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