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quiet pre-holiday
monday, december 23, 2002

i've noticed that, for many people, the holiday busyness and family stuff has already begun. posting at dreaming is down, journals aren't being updated, the i.m.'s are quiet - no one seems to be online. even the spam mail seems to have reduced itself to nearly nothing.

we're quiet here too, but in a different way. the kids are off for about 2 weeks, but they are spending today and tomorrow with their dad. so, after a fairly typical weekend of chores (and fighting), church (and fighting), and family movie night (probably the only time there wasn't any fighting), we have peace and quiet over here. taz isn't in his room humming, shebop and jewel aren't arguing. dad gets to deal with all that.

have fun, linnorm. ;)

as for us, it would be the typical monday night if our favored shows were running new episodes. no last minute shopping (we did all that the day after saxy's parents gave us something to shop with) other than a grocery trip saxy has to make tomorrow a.m. even if we had money to shop, we get our shopping done early. i used to love shopping, but not nearly as much any more because it hurts. it hurts my back and my feet. i've become the typical male shopper: i hunt down what i want and once i have it, i am outta there, baby! neither of us have family who would visit over night, just his parents who come for dinner christmas day. there's no money to buy baking supplies, so i am not busy in the kitchen with last minute baking, and the rest of the cooking doesn't start till christmas morning.

so, for the weekend and today i am doing the usual: writing and reading. i finished a short story this weekend and sent it off to my email crit partners and have been working on my wd novel workshop lesson and more alden world building. saxy's been watching tv. i actually got him started on the harry potter books and he got to chapter 4 the first night he started reading. considering how difficult reading is for him, i am quite pleased that he was able to get so far and was interested enough to read past chapter 1. as for me, i am rereading the 4th book as well as a book on dialogue and another on short story writing.

tomorrow we're actually going to catch a matinee of nemesis. it'll cut into our budget, but saxy thinks he can work it out. after all, we only need food for the last week of the month out of this check. he can do that quite cheaply; being poor teaches you that much. we'll probably also watch some movies on the tv until the kiddos come home.

then it will be very noisy again.

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