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saturday, december 23, 2006

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poor saxy. he's been out three times today to appease the baking and holiday monsters. he was originally going to avoid going out at all today, then he was only making one trip early in the morning. he probably should know better than to plan like that during the holidays. something almost always will send you off to take care of "just one more thing" when you least expect it or want to do it.

the first trip included the grocery store and the pharmacy. i needed more eggnog and extra large eggs (none of our traditional cookies were coming out the way i'm used to with regular large eggs), and he picked up taz's emergency prozac and my emergency cozaar. taz is still really out of sorts (he's having a really bad day, actually), but that's to be expected after being off his meds a day. for both of us i have to see if there's any way to get us in to our doctors next week to get us checked and refilled. probably need to do the same with froggy.

who, by the way, has loved her first year with helping mom bake. she's made peanut butter cookies and helped smash and sugar the sugar cookies, as well as helped keep the baking tools clean for me to use for the next kind of cookie.

anyway, trip two was to barnes & noble to find a wolf calendar and to stop by some place to get extra kitchen towels. no wolf calendar found, but he did find a ferret calendar for a friend. he also picked up some more christmas music. he also found some cute "stocking stuffers" for cheap for the kids. we actually don't do stockings, so he bagged them in holiday bags and set them in the back of the tree.

trip three is for shortening for the molasses cookies and the snickerdoodles. oh, yes, still baking away over here! but we're just about done. saxy will then make a fourth trip to drop off a tin of cookies and the calendar to his friend and wife.

tonight for dinner: pizza -- delivered. lol. poor guy isn't going to want to go any where or cook after all this.

tomorrow, miss thang will join us for christmas even festivities, which generally consist of a christmas movie and opening one gift. we save the big gift opening and holiday dinner for christmas day. she'll be staying in with froggy since her room is now the guest room for her father. he will be showing up sometime christmas day. we debated holding off on the gift opening stuff, but he can't wrap his presents anyway -- the whole homeland security thing at airports. i'm hoping he'll be here in time for dinner, but we'll have food for him even if he's late for that.

so things progress and we'll be ready for the holiday right on time, even if saxy had to go out three more times than he had planned.

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