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sunday, december 24, 2006

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why can't spammers, junk mail, and telemarketers take a day off? it's christmas eve and i've already received over a dozen spam emails via the join form from dii and three phone calls from places that want me to buy crap. my personal email has been spammed to death for a long time now and it's not slowing down just for the holiday. the plan is to change my main email address and blackhole the current one, but i have to wait until all my submissions are back in to do that. it just would be nice to have one day off from the junk. i mean, seriously, even i really needed a new mortgage, does anyone honestly think i'll apply today? yeesh.

beyond all that, we're pretty much ready for the holiday. the molasses cookies are baking and i'm going to let the girls make the last of the chocolate crinkles. jewel should be here by 2 at the latest, and she'll go off to the store for butter (we use lots of butter over the holiday without the christmas cookies, and the christmas cookies pretty much wiped us out). i actually have a few hours free and just might use it to finish up the office and do some much needed writing.

you know, this seems to happen almost every year. it looks like we'll be lucky to have even a tree up, then things start to pull together early in december and we're left frantically trying to get ready for a holiday we thought we weren't going to manage. maybe it's time we just started thinking that we will have the holiday and start preparations as early as we can.

course, that would be the year things fall through. *rolls eyes*.

anyway, froggy is making space in her room for jewel, so let's hope that the two of them do okay. tomorrow, linnorm flies in and he promises he'll be here in time for dinner. i do wonder if he remembers that christmas dinner is usually around 3 or 3:30 pm, sometimes 4 if we're running late, instead of the usual 5 or 6 pm. ;) we have more cookies than anyone should possibly need (one of the recipes just seemed to go on foreeeever -- i'll definitely be cutting that one i half next year!).

the week promises to be pretty exhausting, actually. linnorm wants to treat us all to eragon and the kids to night at the museum (saxy plans to go with them, i plan to write). we're treating everyone to happy feet, although that depends on the finances at the time. linnorm will spend the evening of the 31st with the kids while saxy and i actually try to go out for anniversary for once (we usually have a nice dinner and rental movies at home while the kids stay upstairs). i'm sure there will be other things that we're going to try to do as well, but those are the set plans.

the excitement is building, the kids are sneaking peeks under the tree, they're talking about seeing their dad. the holiday is definitely upon us . . . and we're ready for it!

have a great christmas!

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