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thursday, december 23, 2004

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holidailies 2004

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we managed our airport run yesterday. but didn't manage the district visit - they were closed, and also managed to bury ourselves so badly that we need almost half of next month's child support to unbury. i turn into this sad, needy thing with no discipline when i don't feel good, and yesterday i wasn't feeling at all good. everything hurt, starting with my head. i had one nasty storm headache/migraine. not even my advil migraine made much of a dent in it. i had to take a couple of tylenols on top of the advil just to cut it down to bearable. not gone, mind you, bearable. the damn thing is hovering today, waiting for the chance to put me back to bed - which i can't let it do. i really need to get my office clean up finished - a slow process at best.

anyway, the kids saw a couple of airplanes landing, they had to go right over the road we were on so it was really close. taz thought this was very cool. the only problem we're going to have, from what we can tell, is figuring out the parking and what terminal we need to be at. beyond that, we can get there and we've told linnorm the best times and specifically what airport to arrive at. they purchase the tickets tomorrow - so we'll have the specifics of who is coming and when and where then. poor linnorm had to wait till he got his christmas check to pay for the tickets, so we hear he's going to pay quite a price. apparently, though, it'll be fine with the amount he told me the check will be. *g* i need to talk to him about going to an ihop for breakfast when they come in - he'd have to pay since we're so flat busted we can't even pay attention right now. we do have stuff we plan to do, but none of it costs money, or much money (since gassing up the car would cost money).

we ended up being in a bit more trouble with the money than i thought. what the bank has and what i have doesn't agree, and the missing money puts us in the hole. until i manage to get our rent paid on one of my checks, it may end up being like this for a bit - struggling to try to keep ahead and not always doing a very good job of it. i knew it would finally come and bite us in the butt and it finally did. the rent check came in and buried us. the good news is the bank paid it. the bad news is that i need half of next month's child support to keep us from going any further in the red. fortunately, linnorm's willing to help us out with that. (he's probably just as grateful that i'm finally working as everyone else since it means the constant pay-go-round will end and we won't constantly be in danger of nose diving, a relief for everyone but for him especially because of the kids.)

so, we were in more trouble than i thought, and then we went and spent money eating out yesterday. granted, we were gone from 10 am to about 3 or 3:30 pm so a meal would have had to been paid for regardless, but we definitely overdid it with breakfast and lunch. when we got home, we were tired, so we also picked up some dinner. we did go to some inexpensive places, but anything like that hurts when you're already tanking. and feeling bad and needy isn't a good excuse, even i know that. what can i say, i felt like crap and wasn't in the mood to even care, and i needed to eat so i wouldn't feel like worse crap. at least the rent check didn't bounce.

but, really, i think, even with all the extra work it'll give me, i'll be glad if/when i can get this provisional certificate taken care of. we need to get on an even keel and we need a rather large infusion of funds to get everything finally managed - the utilities, the rent, food, all that stuff. granted, just subbing a couple of full months would help, but one month of full time certified would give us a really good kick right where we need it all at once.

all at once would be a really cool thing.

i've been writing this as i've cleaned my office and i'm finally down to just the paper pile. the office is no longer as buried, although the paper pile goes halfway to my knee. at least something is getting a little unburied.

and if that $500 would show up in my checking account, so would something else. for a little while anyway.

i truly am looking forward to the day when buried only means the office needs cleaning or is being cleaned.

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