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tuesday, december 21, 2004

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on the one hand, we haven't been doing much. on the other, my office space can be really skeery to clean up sometimes, and after working for 2 months and not doing much in the office to warrant cleanup until now can be one of those scary times. i went through my writing articles today, after finally packing away all my old school papers, and organized and filed them. that took me most of the afternoon.

and, no, the office isn't done yet. that was the first stage of a multistage process.

last night we went into atlanta. we were going to have dinner, but parking out there was a fortune. they'd make l.a. proud with some of those prices! we did find the local hard rock cafe, much to saxy's pleasure. and we saw one of the homes he worked on - a very beautiful 3 story with stonework at the bottom. no yard of which to speak, but the house was beautiful. (with 3 stories, i would have built less house and left more yard, but that's me.) we noticed atlanta buildings don't go as high as in l.a. for the most part, but are much closer packed together, for some reason. we saw the torch, watch the train, loved the architecture. the kiddles liked the lights. we headed back up towards home and ate at a mexican place. we couldn't afford it, but no one was up to cooking by then.

other than that, i've been resting a lot. and being grumpy about the schedule working seems to have imposed upon me. i remember the days when the world didn't start turning till 10 am at the earliest with longing for the good ole days. but, for now, i sorta have to accept getting up at 8:30 or 9 whether i want to or not. at least it isn't 5:30 or 6, which it would be if i were actually working.

jewel had her first sleep over to a friend's house. it was amazingly quiet when she was gone, got amazingly out of hand the moment she got home. i spent half of today playing moderator between her and froggy and her and saxy. yeesh. that alone wears me out.

which comes back to the other thing i've been doing a lot of . . . resting. i've been amazingly tired these last few days. i get on the computer, do a few dii management things, maybe a few other things here and there (like a new fl or something), then i sort of float for a bit, and finally go and lay down with the intentions of revising chapter 14 or working on a crit - neither of which happens. i don;t even read. i just . . . veg. it's gotta be a combination of feminine nightmare and totally out of whack scheduling for me. i've just been tired. and running around doesn't help - it just makes me more tired.

which means tomorrow i'm going to be plain downright exhausted. we're going to the school district office to get info on the provisional certificate, then go into atlanta and find our way to the airport before we actually have to be there to pick anybody up. i doubt we'll do much else, but it promises to be quite a drive. in atlanta traffic - which is l.a. traffic only with more people willing to cross 4 lanes at once without using their signals.

and i still have office cleaning to do.

don't be surprised if i miss journaling tomorrow too.

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