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the window
sunday, december 19, 2004

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hubby and i are having this little . . . well, it's not an argument, or a struggle, not quite sure it is since i'm not even sure it qualifies as a disagreement. it's a difference of opinion, only we don't really discuss it. i did mention it once, but not much came of it. it's about our bathroom window.

see, the hubby likes the window open and the blinds up. not all the way up, but any up is too much for me. granted, we're on the second floor, it's unlikely anyone can really see into our bathroom window, but it bothers me for there to be even the remotest chance that my big ol' body could be on any kind of display to the public. for one, we don't really need to scare the neighbors that badly, now do we? and i'm honest enough to admit that you really would have to love me to find me even remotely physically attractive beyond my face. this body takes a lot of love. i am very fortunate that my husband loves me that much and finds me attractive and loves being intimate with me, but he honestly does not need to share that with the neighborhood in any way, shape, or form, not even by framing it in a window.

and then there's the window itself. i can understand having it open a little. my husband has a gift and an open window becomes a necessity when that gift makes itself evident. but he does not need it halfway to 3/4ths the way open. it's winter out there. we may not have snow, but it's freaking cold. really, the fixtures do not need to be any colder than usual when you enter the room. the shower steam is tolerable compared to getting out of the shower and entering the frigidaire created by the open window. he wants it open like that in summer, fine. winter? i don't think so! freezing to death in my bathroom is not high on my to do list. in fact, it's not on my to do list at all, thank you very much.

so, he goes in the bathroom and opens everything up. i go into the bathroom and close everything down. it's a tad annoying. like i said, i have mentioned it, and for awhile the blinds were up only a little and the window was open only a crack, but he's recently gone back to opening the bathroom up wide for the world to see. which means, of course, that mentioning it again is only likely to last a little while again.

i'm sure there's a way for us to compromise on this. we've made it through so much else that's so much more destructive, that having it out over a silly bathroom window would be just . . . stupid. it's not a really big deal, it's just one of those things we have yet to figure out. we've never had a bathroom window before, so it's not something we've had years to figure out.

course, needing years to figure out a compromise on a bathroom window seems kinda silly too.

but something's definitely gotta be done. preferably before he finds me a frozen block of ice or we accidentally manage to scare off the entire neighborhood.

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