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sunday, december 23, 2001
not with it

i don't know what it is this year, but the net seems to have a lot of people who just are not in the holiday spirit. it's like some kind of plague or something.

add me to the list.

this past quarter must have wiped my out more than i thought. i have been tired since...well, almost since it began. while tired is a normal state for me anyway, i mean, really tired. drained. i get little bursts of energy sometimes, but i feel mostly dead. and the damn weather isn't helping. every time a new storm moves in i get a storm headache. i've had at least 3 of these suckers in the last week or so. nasty head bangers that have me threatening bodily harm to anyone who speaks above a whisper.

i hate being bitchy.

so christmas eve is tomorrow, and dad takes the kids and we wrap presents. but i just don't feel into it at all. It's not that there won't be much under the tree this year, we rarely have years with a lot under the tree. even if we can afford it, we try to limit how much we spend. the grandparents more than make up for it though. ;) And we're not any worse off this year in other areas of our lives than any year before this, and even better in some ways. So i am not sure what's up. just tired.

maybe it's just delayed pms talking or something.

there are good things going on in my life, little things, but wonderful things none the less. my writing has been going well this past week. world building has been moving right along as well, even if the site itself has been a bit stubborn. i have new layouts coming in all over the place over the next 2 weeks, including one for whyspers (done) and a main site layout with images made just for me. And i am very pleased with the images and the new splash coming up for soon. ;) Even my forum has been rather busy of late. at home we've not had to figure out how to bridge 2 or 3 days between the last of the milk and the next check, which has been nice. And next week we'll see lotr.

So things are at the minimum tolerable, and pretty good for he most part. But i'm still just not with it this holiday. Maybe it will change on Christmas day when we do the family thing.

At least i can hope so.

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