fed ex sucks
saturday, december 22, 2007

i'm sure you guessed from the title that the cheesecake did not arrive. i don't know if fed ex delivers on saturdays, but, regardless, i'm now worried any cake that actually makes it to our house would have started to defrost and not be any good any more.

i am not happy. and my husband, who had to drive to buckhead to pick up a cake, is not happy. fortunately, the cheesecake factory rocks. they canceled our order. if the cake arrives and it's servable, we've got a free cheesecake. if it doesn't arrive servable, then now worries, we only paid for the one cake. and i think, if the vanilla bean becomes a part of the holiday tradition, we will just pick one up every year, because, as the journal title says, fed ex sucks. i will never use them unless there is no other option. better than ups, my eye.

speaking of which, all the gifts have arrived safely and are now wrapped and under the tree. for another year where we didn't think we'd have much of a christmas, under the tree looks pretty full. an extra child to buy for and several larger sized gifts did it. i'd take a picture, but the digital camera we have is kinda sucky--it works for taz to practice with, but doesn't take fantastic pictures. one of these days we need to look into replacing it--perhaps when we don't have so much going into christmas. ;)

the house is clean, except for the kitchen which has to wait until i'm done with the baking. yes, still working on it. didn't expect everything i made earlier to end up taken up by gift tins. probably should have, though. we're actually making friends out here. saxy more than i, but, yea it's been happening. and the only reason i don't think of the ladies i've met at the school as more than acquaintances is because it always seems 'out of sight means out of mind'. most my post-subbing contact has been me contacting them, sadly enough.

hub picked up the remaining things for dinner. he managed to find the one goblet i needed, but didn't find the napkins, so i'm hoping oldest can pick them up or get a complete set of new ones. everything else, however, is covered. we'll have to start pulling out dishes tomorrow and washing them in the dishwasher so they're ready to go. i'd like to have everything done and settled on the 24th so kitten and family don't arrive at a house still going crazy with preparations. the good news is it'll be at least a 10 hour drive for them, so we can do any last minute stuff that day.

the only thing missed this past week, other than the failure of fed ex to deliver my cake, is my writing. i've been too tired to do anything when watching tv (definitely need to have the energy to multitask), and been too busy during the day to do anything. other than whysper, that is. even my lj has been neglected to some degree. next week doesn't look much better all around.

but i adore the holidays, am so happy we're going to spend part of baby cat's first christmas with her, am grateful we'll get to see and spend time with kitten before she's back off to hawaii for however long. it's honestly been one of the most expensive christmases we've ever had, but it's so very worth it.

okay, off to make more chocolate crinkles. and a late lunch. and finishing the office. and god knows what else.

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