busy day ahead!
friday, december 21, 2007

between baking, waiting, and wrapping, and the number of deliveries that are supposed to be made today, it's going to be a busy one!

we've already gone through the dishes. we need 4 napkins, 1 goblet, and 6 of the mini-stockings...assuming the patterns and so on are still available. the store has offered them for the last 2 years, so here's hoping everything is still available this year. some things are pretty "classic" patterns that just never seem to go out of style. we do have to open the remaining box of china to have enough plates, but i actually expected that. we won't have enough of the gold silverware, but the solution there is to give the kids the regular stuff. as i recall, that particular silverware was pretty expensive and most of the money today has to go to food (and one utility bill).

i need to make 1 or 2 batches of all the cookies. yes, they are nearly all gone, but not because of the kids or husband, but because of packing tins for other people. everything got depleted pretty quickly. and jewel had quite a few while here yesterday as well. so i have maybe 3 or 4 peanut butter cookies left, and that's pretty much it. *g* oh! and the m & m cookies that didn't make it for next year.

nice to know most everything is so well loved, i guess. ;)

we also have 2-3 packages coming in from amazon, a package from another location, and, supposedly, the cheesecake. the cheesecake is via fed ex, but the others should all arrive on the same truck, though one of them may come postal mail (though i doubt it). this means i'll be going a little crazy as people drive up and down our street. if i'm not in the kitchen where i can look out the window, i'll be turning around or checking every other time. i'm particularly anxious about the cheesecake, which was supposed to be here last night. arg! at least the company is willing to give us a reimbursement if the cheesecake doesn't arrive in time.

so, kitten? no holding your breath on the cheesecake until it actually gets here since it looks like there's a chance it won't.

next year, we set delivery for 2 days before the last delivery date, not one, because this is ridiculous. yes, i know it's the holidays, yes, i know everyone who delivers packages is just a tad overwhelmed at the moment. but overnight and 2 day delivery should be just that. i'm going on 3 days for a couple of things i paid for 2 day delivery on, and the cake was shipped the 18th for arrival here the 20th. i just hope the dry ice holds up long enough for it to still be good when it gets here.

between batches of cookies and deliveries, i need to clean up/out my office. at the same time, froggy is working on other housecleaning needs. saxy gets a break until around 3:30 or so, then he gets to do the major shopping trip for food and the extras we need for the table. better today than over the weekend, right? or worse yet, christmas eve. taz is being occupied with tv for the moment--it's just too much to expect him to help. he needs too much direction for the amount of work we're trying to get done over the next few days.

once the deliveries arrive, i also have the final wrapping to do--assuming everything that's slated to get here actually arrives today (and, god, i hope so!).

i was just looking at some of my archives and, apparently, this is just about the time i get really busy every year. granted, i don't expect a stampede of people, but this is just about when the cleaning, baking, and cooking starts getting out of control.

the 21st is just slated to be a busy day.

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