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thursday, december 21, 2006

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clothes picked up for kiddos: check.

food for christmas dinner: check.

miss thang's room cleaned: check.

kitchen clean: check. (but will need it again before sunday, guaranteed.)

office cleaned: *cough* tomorrow. maybe. no later than saturday. i hope. (not that sunday would be bad since our celebrations focus more on christmas day, but, still, it would be nice to have the thing done so i can actually work in it. besides, sunday we'll have to start pulling out dishes and making sure everything is clean and unchipped and all that. and that's task enough all in itself!)

christmas shopping done: we think so, so we'll go with a check.

cookies baked: tomorrow.

one stressed out saxy: check.

one stressed out domy: double check.

one overwhelmed taz: definitely check.

one very happy froggy? yes, yes, check.

amazingly, the store wasn't nearly as bad as we feared, although the roadways were again nightmares in the making. saxy thinks he may have to pick up another few things, but isn't so sure he wants to step into wal-mart tomorrow night to do it. i'm not sure i blame him. the last minute crazies will hit as people realize that oh. my. gawd! christmas! it's here! so, uh, yea, don't blame him for not wanting to be in the middle of the pack of the last minute shoppers. we get oh so close every year, but always manage to avoid it. one of these days we'll either finally be able to plan earlier or will end up in the midst of the mess, not sure which.

in addition to the final presents and dinner stuff, we forked out a good $100 or so on froggy and taz in necessary clothing: jeans, underwear, socks, that kind of thing. froggy got a few extras as well. with miss thang out of the house, hand me downs are unlikely, and she's in the growing stage where $200-$300 on clothes ever 6 months or so isn't unheard of. we've been spared it with the older girls in the house, but now we have 2 kids that will make us crazy when it comes to keeping them in decent clothing.

left on tonight's list: present wrapping. i'd wait till tomorrow to do it, but some of it is for the little ones, so tonight it is. nothing goes under the tree until christmas eve. ororo has this thing about ribbons that no amount of tossing her cookies (or ribbons) has cured. silly cat.

so, in general, we're getting there, and it's only a few days before christmas. we just might make it in under the wire. maybe.

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