thursday, december 21, 2006

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i'd be the first to admit that i'm a bit on the lazy side. give me my computer and a story to write, the play station, a good book, even a rerun of a tv show, and i'll gladly do that instead of clean.

until today.

my first day home when i'm supposed to be sleeping and relaxing and all that? i'm cleaning. starting with miss thang's room. yes, the girl has moved out, leaving a disaster in her wake. trash stuffed in corners, in dresser drawers, for crying out loud, broken crap everywhere since she can't take care of anything to save her life. we've even found socks and dirty clothes stuffed into places. this is what she did when we told her to clean her room. *sighs*

i called her and told her to get her butt over here to help clean up the mess she left behind. she's supposed to be here in an hour since that's how long it takes her to get here.

next will be my office, which has had stuff stacked in it since the day i started in the classroom. one thing about long term, it doesn't leave me much time for a life since i'm researching for work/assignments/lessons for the subject matter (less with language arts stuff, but even so, i research for the grade level with that), planning, grading, and all that other teacher stuff. half the time i was lucky to be home before 7 pm, and school is out at 4:30. the other half, i may have been home but was either too exhausted or grading or both. so things would be stacked in the office to be dealt with on the weekend (if i had time) or the next time i had a real breather, which would be about now.

saxy isn't helping with all this today because the truck is back and he's at work. long story short: mcat didn't like the idea that rent money would be going to the new car and needed someone to watch his cats when he and his wife take off for the holiday weekend/week. sooooo, he claims the truck will not cost us, and he may even try swinging making it a christmas present. we shall see. if i get hit with sticker shock yet again, i will have to go and smack him silly. in the meantime, saxy's working again instead of waiting for us to figure out how to get the $600 we were short for the car (my check was short, and we already knew we'd need more on top of my check to cover it).

and, once again, we're doing the christmas gift thing late. *rolls eyes* one of these days we'll be able to plan to do christmas presents instead of having them last minute every year. as usual, saxy and i just bought each other's gifts with the other person present -- not like we can surprise each other much. our presents are always to each other from the whole family, so he got his portable dvd player and he picked up an anime series i wanted. tonight we'll shop for the non-christmas presents of clothes for the 2 younger kids -- both need pants and whatnot (taz can't stay in a pair of pants to save his life; he gets too tall even though he stays the same in the waist). we picked up something for miss thang as well (angry we may be, she is our kid and we do love her), and will probably do christmas shopping for the littles sometime this week as well. saxy's also planning to do the dinner shopping tonight -- i'm supposed to be making the list today.

cleaning, shopping, hopefully baking a little later tonight, and a few things need to be wrapped sometime this evening as well. yep, industrious. here's hoping this need to be busy and domestic sticks around for a bit. got a lot to do before i can actually sit down and write.

lunch first, then back to work with me.

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