ready to drop
thursday, december 20, 2007

i am sooooo wiped out. it has been a long day, not that i'm done yet, but, yea, long day.

first stop, the bank. this was easy. saxy deposited his paycheck while i waited in the car. he was in and out pretty quickly, and then, since it was 10:30 and we hadn't eaten breakfast, we went to ihop for brunch. food was okay, bill was nice and cheap, just was we needed.

from there it was off to staples. picked up one gift and a couple of work supplies for the hub. he uses invoice books and day planner pages to track his days, where he goes, and what hours he works. also picked up some post-it notes (which we all know i can't resist) and a teeny calculator. i had one when i was working but some kid must have picked it up and walked off with it (you would not believe the things that went missing while i was subbing).

from there it was a much more subdued trip to sam's club. we picked up some specific things and left--only 2 real extras, and they were gifts for baby cat. we tried to find the stuffing and failed. and saw some really gorgeous 3d art pieces that would have been great to own, but the $250+ they cost was pretty much spoken for. ;) we'd been hemming and hawing about jewel's gift, kind of settled on it, but the actual execution would have been too expensive even if bought at sam's. we did find a decently priced substitute though.

one gift left, and off we went to best buy, where we picked up the only copy of what we wanted for taz. since jewel was cleaning our bathrooms while waiting for the fed ex guy, we picked up some cdr's she wanted. probably the most restrained best buy trip we've ever had.

which was good because the big spending of the day was just about to hit: lowe's saxy's paycheck was pretty good this week and it seemed a good time to pick up the saw that would make him more useful on various job sites. the saw plus extra blades plus the warranty? almost $250. yeouch. he futzed around while looking at it, but most the other saws were way more expensive and the one that was cheaper didn't look too sturdy. it might have worked as a personal home project saw, but not for commercial work.

all the gifts were bought but we still needed a few trimmings. so off to wal-mart for bows, more baking supplies, a couple of gift bags (2 of the gifts purchased were not going to be wrapable without boxes that we didn't have, so gift bags it was!), and some personal stuff. and saw horses. we pretty much spent out the last of our nickels before heading on home.

i was pretty tired by this time. okay, REALLY tired. at wal-mart, i hit that point of just wanting to do nothing but sit down. i managed to stay on my feet, but barely. and, of course, we get home only to realize that we did get the boy his high protein slimfast, but forgot milk and we have none in the house. meh. gah. whatever.

also: no cheesecake. but we have time. ups and everyone else has been delivering late on my block all week. it was only 3 when we got home--the mail hadn't even come in yet.

jewel helps unload the truck and put things away. we "wrap" the 2 gifts going into bags. the boy comes home and they had a part at school and he has new clothes and is flying on sugar. by now i know there's just no freaking way i'll be able to bake tonight. i ache as badly as i did earlier this week (which i think confirms the idea that the problem is not related to arthritis or anything like that but related to more activity than my body is used to or capable of handling at the moment--this is actually a relief).

we also get cited for extra vehicles in the yard. lord. our neighbor JUST put the uhaul over here for a day or two LAST NIGHT. saxy says he's pretty sure he knows who it is that's calling the code enforcement people. you'd think they'd leave it be just before the holidays, but, no, someone is going to be snotty anyway. thank god we don't waste water. with the fines and crap on that these days, whoever it is would have a field day. anyway, we have to get rid of the car (duh! it's dead! we want it gone too!) or put it in the garage, remove the uhaul, and not park the truck on the grass.

apparently she came back and asked about another neighbor--who they have a warrant out on. yes, code enforcement is serious out here.

finally, we all sit down and watch stardust. it was an enjoyable movie, but i was right--it just doesn't stack up to the book. you can't translate the "voice" of the writing into the acting. they took some liberties with the story that i'm not quite sure were necessary either, but, whatever. at least they kept the brother. ;)

with the movie over, saxy took jewel home and picked up our now very late dinner. while he was gone, i called the place we'd ordered the cheesecake from. it was supposed to be here tonight at 7. it was 6:55 when i called. still no cheesecake. an hour later i called and asked if the cheesecake would be fine if it were delivered tomorrow. she said it's packed in dry ice. as long as it's frozen, it should be fine. so here;s hoping fed ex actually delivers it tomorrow. if not i can call and get my money refunded, but that also means the only way to get on is to go to buckhead and pick one up from the store--assuming they have any in stock for us to pick up.

no, domy is NOT happy with fed ex at the moment.

kids were sent off to bed, i started dishes (because no one would do them otherwise), and wrapped the last 2 gifts. wrapping paper and bows are now put away, the bottom of the tree is full to overflowing--mostly because at least 5 of the packages are largish. and we have stuff for baby cat under there at the moment as well.

not sure when saxy is going food shopping--either tomorrow or saturday. he was talking about making up today work-wise, but i never heard if that came through. and the dude is asleep, as evidenced by the snore loud enough to wake the dead.

a place i intend to go as soon as the dishes are in the dishwasher, because i've been ready to drop since about 4:30 today. not that i'll get to sleep right away. the boy is still awake, which means, ready to drop or not, i can't go to sleep yet. with how tired i am, though, he'll more than likely still be awake when i finally do go to sleep. i suspect i won't get much choice in the matter.

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