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wednesday 12.20.2000
tidbits two

it's official. saxy now lives with two women who pms (and everything else) at the same time. you can send him your condolences.

christmas is coming and dinner is on. saxy's parents have decided to help out with most the food this year, so my traditional dinner is a go . . . as long as we can find some cornish game hens left at the store. i am not a big turkey fan, never have been really. usually it is too dry and most of the time we throw most of the leftovers out as there are only so many turkey sandwiches you can eat before you are tired of them. however, i usually end up cooking up a turkey on thanksgiving (even when it is only the two of us and the kids manage to spend the evening with dad). one reason? the ex (who i really should give a name other than the ex by now) usually gets a free bird and gives it to me since he doesn't cook up dinner. this year it was because at 25 cents a pound, turkey was a good deal even considering lost leftovers. i ended up paying under $5 for our bird (yes, it was a relatively small bird, thank goodness!). but in general, i much prefer a small ham for thanksgiving. and for christmas, every year i make stuffed cornish game hens. and i make a real rockin' bird. so memorable that when saxy's dad was recovering from some serious injuries in the hospital last year, he kept saying he was looking forward to his cornish hen. all things considered, that was a high compliment.

it also looks like i still have a chance at insurance. the ex (who shall now forever be known as linnorm) is going to try to get me on his kaiser insurance for the time being. while the price of the insurance is up in general, i would not be adding to his cost. our co-pay would go up by $5, but as long as i can see my doctor and can get to my medications below their usual costs i am happy. the wellbutrin alone is $90 for a month. the claritin is well over $100. there truly is no way for me to be able to afford these things without help. this will also free up some of my f.a. and allow me to set aside money to live off of for the three months i am in classes that this money is supposed to cover. so thank you ever so much linnorm for trying. now let's all hope no one objects.

saxy wants to wait until friday to see if the bingo place will call. but if not, he is actually not overly worried. we both would like to see his knee surgery get done first. a new job would interfere with that, or it would interfere with the new job. either way he'd probably end up having to decide between said job and the surgery. he needs both, but the surgery may actually give him a better chance in getting a better job. not that knee injuries ever heal 100%, but his leg would, we hope, be stronger than it is now. in the meantime he is having to fight with the denial of his unemployment benefits. seems that even though the company only requires one hour of notification that an employee isn't going to make it in and saxy called in TWO hours beforehand, they are saying he didn't give enough notifice. this situation is even more twisted than the paranoia over at the bingo place. they had (and still are, from what we hear) been short on employees. saxy offered to help on his day off. now, the company works on a point system, and every absence is deducted from your points. once you reach zero points, you're gone. well, saxy only had two points left. something came up with the place he was renting from while we were separated and needed attention. so saxy calls in, TWO hours before he said he would show up, on his day OFF. what do they do? subtract the two points and fire him. they were already down 5 dispatchers, it was his NORMAL day off, and they fire him. are all employers half cocked these days? in one we have a paranoia trip and in the other they fire you for taking your normal day off anyway because you HAD to. weirdness in the job sector. of course, in our area, it is the employers' market. we never actually made it out of the recession.

i have managed to get quite a bit done this week. three christmas pages, a committee page that's been on hold for next to forever (which, unfortunately, i need to rework. ARG!), and my checkbook were the major tasks. and at least one of those i never thought i would get done! so i am quite proud of myself at the moment! of course this IS me we are talking about. so time to go off and work on the several dozen projects still sitting off on the sidelines waiting for attention. this gal just can't sit still. if i do for too long i am looking for new stuff to do within like 5 minutes. me with nothing to do is a very unpretty picture (unless i'm sick, then just come and try to pry me out of bed!). and with that, this lil whirlwind is off to do her thing. which ever thing that happens to be tonight has yet to be seen.

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