then again
thursday, december 20, 2007

so it looks like the plan needs to be adjusted a little. not necessarily in a bad way, but the husband came home last night and wanted to get some of the shopping taken care of--he REALLY wants to avoid the stores on the weekend. and i don't blame him.

i also think it might have been an excuse to go out to eat rather than cook. ;)

at any rate, we did get a major portion of the shopping done. we were stopped only by the limits on the money--which weren't as bad as we thought. today it's primarily going to be shopping for one more gist for each of the kids and something for jewel. we'll also pick up that saw the husband needs for work, do the food shopping, and probably a few other things that are mixed in the mess in my head. we'll be going out to brunsh as well.

in the meantime, jewel will be here waiting for the cheesecake and whatever else manages to show up on our doorstep--we have at least 3 or 4 boxes being shipped in from amazon. the neighborhood kids around here tend to be scavengers, so if we're out of the house, i need someone in here to grab boxes off the porch. the cake needs to go directly to the freezer. we've also offered to pay her for a little bit of in depth housecleaning--she wouldn't do it otherwise.

so, some shopping was accomplished yesterday, some cookie baking put off. i have to make more of everything because the gift tins of cookies ended up taking more than i had realized they would. the only thing not put in the tins was the crinkles because i was supposed to bake those last night and i was out shopping instead. we'll finish up the shopping today and i'll work on baking tonight and tomorrow. (which has no affect on the cleaning since the kids do most of that and jewel will do the few things i'm worried about having done well.)

at least i hope to do that. i also spent about 4 hours crawling around on the floor and wrapping packages. my back was VERY unhappy, and isn't likely to be much happier when we get back and after we do wrapping today. big gifts look cool under the tree, but they are a pita to wrap. what i need is one of those big fabric/sewing tables, but that's not likely to happen. we have one larger gift that we're picking up today--i may just see if we can find a christmas bag to hold it instead of trying to locate a box and crawling around to wrap it. easier on the back. everything else is small so shouldn't be a problem.

speaking of bagging gifts: saxy's gift ended up in a
cars gift bag (you know, the movie, cars). i tried to put it in one of our holiday gift bags and it didn't work--it was just too bulky. so, in addition to all the holday stuff under the tree, we have the cars gift bag that held a lot of my son's birthday stuff this year. *g* as for the gift itself--it's something my husband would never guess, but after all the cars he's managed to tank while here, he should have. he never reads here, but i'm not going to take the chance and mention any more about it--there's always a first time. ;) however, it's one of those things you should have, but we could never really afford at any other time, and he would never think about picking up even if we could. so it'll be useful, even if it isn;t a dvd or cd. ;)

okies, kiddo here, time to get it together and go!

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