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tuesday, october 23, 2007

changes are coming. not a lot of changes, but significant ones none the less. and i'm looking forward to most of them.

in about a month, oldest and grandbaby head up to va. so they can be a part of the sister-in-law's wedding at the beginning of december. they'll be back, along with trinny, for christmas day, but that will be it. come january, the whole family goes back to hawaii. on the one hand, i will miss them. it's been nice to hang out with my daughter and to spend time with the grandbaby. on the other hand, babies? they be exhausting. and baby cat is a bit more fussy than i remember my kids being, except for maybe jewel. but jewel had good reason to be, and baby cat just seems to be a fussy baby in general. i mean, the child fusses when being fed. every meal. it's honestly very weird to me...and very loud. and, as much as i enjoy spending time with them, it also interferes with my work at home. both my writing and my editing end up getting less time than they should.

as soon as she heads back up to va, however, not only will we be minus two people in the house, but i'll also have to stop subbing for the time being (at least, hopefully forever). saxy's "new" boss is a get in early, leave early kind of guy and saxy's new schedule requires him to be at work at 7:30 am. and even with the preference to leave early, he sometimes isn't home until 4:30 or 5 pm. i would need to be at my work at around 8:30 for most middle schools, and wouldn't be able to actually leave until 4:30 at the earliest. my son's bus doesn't pick him up until close to 9 am and he's usually home by 4:10 pm. this is obviously a problem when taz can't be left home alone. not that no longer subbing bothers me at all. anyone who's read whysper for the last year or so is probably more than aware of how i've hated working in a classroom of late. i'd really much rather be at home working on my writing and the editing thing. i'll be back to having the peace and quiet for several hours a day that i had before we moved to georgia. and i'll be able to establish some kind of regular schedule. the biggest problem with subbing is the inability to create a routine. a routine is almost a requirement to actually get an exercise program in place and to increase my writing productivity, so i'm looking forward to being back at home, setting my own schedule, and focusing on the things i want to focus on. i doubt i'll reach the productivity level in my writing like i had in cali, but i can aim for higher than what i've been doing. not being exhausted at the end of the day should help with that too.

and we're already making plans to handle what we lose by me not subbing. saxy needs a miter (?) saw and an air compressor and then he can make about $100 extra/week. he figures he can get the saw used for about $150 and a decent compressor new for about $200 or so. this will eat up all my subbing check at the end of this month, and probably a bit more, but they would actually end up paying for themselves in about 3 months.

now the only thing to worry about is taxes. we're always barely making it by each month so setting money aside to pay just doesn't happen. and now we're trying to put $200/month into another car as well.


another change is the press i'll be editing for. a friend started up lilley press and has asked me to be senior editor and i've accepted. this actually doesn't mess me up as a paid editor since my first editing position at a small press hasn't paid me anything yet. at the rate it's going right now, i'd probably get paid from lilley first. i do know lilley will eventually be paying me more since i'd be getting a peice of every book that passes through my fingers instead of just the ones i edit. it'll take a bit to build to that point, but the other press would too. my duties at lilley include helping to decide what gets published, determining which editor gets which book, and doing some content editing myself. we're already getting submissions and i'm already seeing the crunch two editing positions are going to create, so i sent in my resignation to other press. lilley is more up my alley genre-wise as well. i think i'll be much happier there.

so, the long and short of all this is that, hopefully, i'll be able to find a bit more time for the things i want to do--writing, working on web pages, reading. these all have been a bit...neglected of late. it'll be nice to be able to make some space for them again.

who knows? you all might see more of me here at whysper too.

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